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And Tom editon allies to the skies. And check out the celestial faith in January on sky, watch January, of course, is the first month of the year in Beth, Jillian angering calendars the name originates in the Latin word for door because January's the door to the new year and the opening tenue beginnings. Interestingly the month is conventionally thought of as being named of the Janus mythological room and God of beginnings and transitions that according to ancient Roman and finds almanacs it was actually Juno who was the traditional. God of January eight the Jinnah is celebrated in June. Okay. Let's start out celestial sky watch too and looking to the northeast with the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius the dog star sick because it's also the brightest star in the constellation Kansas. Major the big dog the name serious, actually main scorching brilliant, clear reference to the spectacular brightness of the star in the sky as well as being one of the nearest stuff to the sun. At just eight point six is serious. He's also intrinsically bright twenty five times brighter than the sun. By the way, a lie is about ten trillion kilometres that isn't Sopher Tonkin travel in an earthier at three hundred thousand kilometers per second. The speed of light in vacuum and the ultimate speed limit of the universe. Now looking to the north of serious, but staying to the east of the constellation Orion, which dominates the sky this time of year, you'll see the broad stop proceed on the constellation Kenneth Mina the little dog now. Well that looks like a single stuff from viewpoint here on earth. It's actually a binary star system. Comprising Specht type main sequence Whitestone. On and faint, what will companion presume be located about eleven point four six light years away. Proceed on a has about one and a half times the mass and twice the radius of the sun. It also about seven times the sun's luminosity making. It unusually bright for star of its time. And that suggests that it's starting to move off what we call. The main sequence wished us if using hydrogen and helium in they Cho's and all that means it's about to expand into a sub giant as nuclear burning moves further out from the Coa as it continues to expand the style will eventually swill to between eighty one hundred fifty times its count diameter in the process becoming other an orange or red giant. This will probably happen. Some time within the next ten to one hundred million years the two styles pros you on a and b over each other every forty point eight two earth years at an average distance of bet. Fifteen astronaut Michael units, an astronaut cool unit the average distance between the earth and the sun, which is about one hundred fifty. Kilometers or eight point three light minutes. Okay. Let's look to north now just above the horizon. This time of year and you'll find the bright yellow which stock.

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