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Times an hour from channel nine Eyewitness News meteorologist George Waldburger eighty nine and dry here in Orlando severe weather station now it's just a touch security triple team traffic I for east and west bound up to speed but if you're driving into the showers make sure your lights are on see that real dark patch down south of the airport if you're the fourth seventeen north Bennet foggy creek take a look out into the distance it's like half a rainbow is coming out of that storm so little bright side to before your ride home get crashes of Ron ginger Milito B. T. O. B. C. southbound at stables drive during these uncertain times you could still count on pro tec air conditioning and plumbing service to keep you comfortable all summer long your project a call at four oh seven two nine one one six four four or visit protek AC dot com with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning we're helping you get to work on time I'm Jacki o'brien news ninety six point five W. DPO well I just told you a moment ago the man who recorded the shooting of a model operate in Georgia now being now has been arrested and being charged with murder more on that coming up here on windows evening news nurses doctors first responders grocery store workers truck drivers do you know a hometown hero at the hometown hero button in the news ninety six point five W. DPO and nominate them they could win a hundred dollars in gift cards salute our hometown heroes with Dennis.

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