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And Joan Jett is not alone. Love and rock and roll. Fender is out with the new study that says women make up half of the new guitar players in the US and the UK the tar makers CEO. Anti Mooney says there wasn't belief that what some called the Taylor swift factor was encouraging young women to start playing guitar. However Mooney says it swift has moved on and young women are still buying Qatar is the survey found nearly twenty percent of new players are African American and Latin players make up twenty five percent of beginners ABC's Roseanne spin off the Connors, which did not have Roseanne Barr ended. Of course, also didn't have as many viewers for its premiere episode ten and a half million people tuned in that was down fifty five percent from the Roseanne premiere last spring Roseanne. Character was killed off dying of an opioid overdose. Eleven fifty one. There is uproar over the absence of a classic diet soft drink on grocery store shelves. Give me the future is here and Tabah Hollick's are flipping out because they can't find their favorite diet soda, anywhere. The New York Times says shortage has prompted a petition drive against parent company. Coca Cola tab addicts terrified, the bubbly has been discontinued the company's largest bottler admits it did remove tab twelve pack cans from its offerings and fourteen states to focus on no and locale coke sprite and Fresca tab.

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