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So Skip Shannon, let's get to it. Good morning welcome to understood it I'm GonNa tapped with get Taylor. And Shannon Sharpe. The was. Heavy weekend. All across the country for so many and I'm just going to look a little different today as we do our best to address everything that has been happening all across the country in remembrance of George Floyd Skip. Shannon I know. We all sat back and took in so much of what happened. How are you both doing today? Judy I am looking forward to doing this show with my partner Shannon. Sharpe I know we're having a little bit of technical difficulties reaching him at this moment, but. This of all shows I've ever done I'm looking forward to being partners with my man Shannon very well, said schedule. Shannon is working on his audio right now, so skip I just want to start by asking you about. Everything that we saw over the weekend there were marches. There were protests in remembrance of George. Floyd most of the demonstrations were peaceful, although we did see some violence, some looting, so skip in your opinion after seeing everything that has been taking place all across the country. What is Your Reaction Journey? Let me start with all the great things I saw over the weekend. The unprecedented turn out! Of Protestors. of thousands all across this country in cities and towns, and reaching all the way to Europe to London where there was a major protest again all because of George Floyd. And in the end. It did my heart good to see the turnout. The peaceful protests and it was from people of all colors, not just black people I saw people of all colors, and I saw a whole lot of white people sort of band together arm-in-arm. Over George Floyd. It's the first time in all the killing of the unarmed black people by white cops that that I felt like there was a thousand percent lockstep on this one I didn't hear a single. Why? Law Enforcement Leader over the last six seven days. Try to say yes, but about George Floyd. There was not one yes, but it was always. This is criminal. This was flat out murder I. Think the white community for the first time saw no gray area in this one, and that was the good news that was that that brought us all together. I'm hearing Shannon Shannon. Are you there? Can you hear me? I'm good I'm good. You jump in. Yeah tell me what you saw. Skill what I saw with a lot of pain. A lot of frustration a lot of anger you know, skip for me was baffling to me. Is that when I hear why? People say they can't understand while it's happening. Skip if you go back over the last sixty years, and you look at every. If you want to call it a riot if you want to call it a rebellion if you want to call it an uprising if you look at the Cau-. Effect of what transpired if you go back to Harlem and nine, hundred and sixty four, it was fifteen year old James Powell being shot by lieutenant in Harlem. If you go to nineteen sixty five, you look at the watts riots. It was an arm motorists being shot you go nineteen, sixty eight, and with assassination of Doctor King in the we come almost twenty five. Five years forward and you look at Nineteen ninety-two in Rodney King, you go to twenty fourteen in Ferguson Missouri you go to Twenty fifteen in Baltimore, where Freddie Gray and now twenty twenty. All of these things give have something in common all acceptable Dr King,.

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