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That's a pretty big round of applause, opening who used to sing that as well, Maxine you made my day. Thank you so much for calling in my guest this hour is Amanda Dell. She is a program director of the Jewish Food Society and host the schmaltzy podcast. We're talking about Hanukkah traditions if you'd like to get in on the conversation. 6464357280 is our number. I'm not ready to leave. Lock is just yet. Amanda. I don't want you, Um e. I never want to leave losses. You know a juice with society. What we're doing is we're building an online archives of family recipes from all around the world. So we recently unjust with society profiled actually a millionaire's family. Um, who under Mussolini's racial laws that were enacted in the late 19 thirties. They actually couldn't practice Judaism publicly or they didn't even feel comfortable practicing it in our own home. So, for example, on Friday night, they would just instead of lighting about candles, they were just two candlesticks closer to each other in their home. But Lorenza, the woman who was profiled on our archives and our family, remember that during the time of Monica certain dishes always appeared on their table. One of them was locked us, and they used to top it with Stretch. You know local cheese. So while she, you know, growing up, the kind of had to you know, they're not at all addressed their Judaism or practice publicly. These traditions still Were upheld and now It's amazing to, you know, equals surrender and her family and see that they can probably have these Monica traditions. They do also apple fritters and other heads, but their locker was achieved something that I think would be delicious because we all know it is hard. We can't travel this year. So or you know, for the most part coats away toe. Get around the world. Dahlia calling from Brooklyn Online five has a question that you might be able to help answer, Dahlia. Thanks for calling all of it. You're on the air with Amanda. Hi. Thank you. Um, so on typical years, I like to have a pretty big Monica party in my house. But I want to also enjoy it. And my question is And you leave the batter's sitting around for like an hour to And if it turns Brown, is that a problem? Oh, Dahlia, This is a tough question. Um and no one is the purest. In me. Is that if you take is conflicted if E. Think of you take on a lot of party, I think you have to get used to the idea that you unfortunately, are going to be in the kitchen. For the majority of it. I would try as hard as I could not believe the batter. Too long Once you have all of your ingredients Incorporated, and I would also Encourage you and your gusts Ecological right when they come out of the pan, so I think it's more of the idea of you come in. Get your lock of six. And then once everyone's had a couple, then you can join your girl. You know her drink about me, but you have you have to submit to the kitchen for for at least part of it. That's my advice, or you know what you could do. You could get one of those conviction like high end hot plates. And bring it into like and make the lock and making sort of a centerpiece. Maybe in the living room or something. I don't know. He could cook with the guests around so that you don't stand the kitchen. Maybe. Just a thought, My Dahlia. She's not buying. All right relation way actually do. Yeah, we have a special card on the Brooklyn apartment. True, but thank you for the advice. I It's all about reordering the order of the Hanukkah Party and That pass over. If you can change the order of things you can reform. We have a special call for you specifically Amanda, Leah online. I'm calling from a man a man, huh? Okay. I think I know where this is highly. You're on the air with your sister. Hi. Thank you so much for taking my call. No problem. Um, my question for you, Amanda is how do we try? Our luck does isn't an oil isn't a butter Is it in a small And what is smoke? Okay. We are glad we're getting into this. Call today. Um I spoke to her father Larry last night when he did the dry run of the lockers, and he is He He uses olive oil. He is always a person that fries in olive oil. Um I would recommend my personal preference would be something like grape seed oil, especially since you know this year. We're probably gathering. Um, you know, in smaller groups, so hopefully that will be something that most people have on hand control oil like grape seed oil. I think it's the most delicate flavor and it really allows the lockers to become crisp smokes. Leah is rendered, you know, chicken or culturally fact that was You know you as a traditional frying ingredient many years ago, so small would also make an excellent lakha. It's something that you might be able to find out your butcher. Um or maybe even order online. Oh, are you saying that I'm in charge of the lost cause Leah? Yes, 100% think it actually think that was the entire purpose of this political? Let's go to Jane in Brooklyn Online seven because I'm on team Jane with this one, but we don't know we might be in the minority. Jane. Thanks for calling in. Hi. Um, I also I make practice with potatoes. But I also make some of my life just with potato and zucchini. They're really good and they're very light. So I highly recommend trying it. Hurry up. Some new came in and put it in and I use olive oil. That's good. That's what my grandmother just she did You smile. It's also but mostly olive oil. Tries to TV as in addition to your potato active Thank you so much shit looking, you dream. I'm sorry she's gone. How do you cut the beginning? Shredded? Shredded by shred this city like I shred the potatoes. Uh, 3rd 3rd of the lot Third zucchini, two thirds potatoes. Jane. Thanks for calling. I'll take J one further for you, man that sometimes I've made and I don't know Isis. A question for you. I've made them just which shredded zucchini. Does it count as a lot? Go If it's not if it doesn't have potato. Yeah, it does not. You know, um Yeah. Potatoes..

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