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Bentley. That's government prepares to fully rollback covid nineteen restrictions in england. German officials say they have no intentions of following a similar path. The country's health minister told german radio mosque. Mandates will remain in place for months from berlin. Trent murray germany health minister yen span. Said he believes that wearing masks will remain compulsory in germany in the coming autumn and winter months particularly in indoor public spaces speaking to broadcaster they wednesday. He said that it was quote very clear that mosques would be needed in situations where groups of people gathered indoors together. He added that in his view. Compared to other types restrictions wearing a mask remains relatively harmless. You also noted that other measures like maintaining distance hand hygiene and regular ventilation would continue to play a key role in helping germany. Kate covid cases load. He stressed though that if people want to return to parties and large events together the best ways to continue pushing for high vaccine numbers trend. Mari berlin new york state has declared a disaster emergency order over rising gun violence. There were fifty one shootings in the state over the fourth of july holiday weekend. A dutch crime journalist is fighting for his life after being shot in amsterdam. Pizza are freeze had been in. Tv studio for regular tv appearance before being targeted a place in the euro. Twenty twenty final against italy is at stake as england. Prepare to face. Denmark at wembley victory for england would mean a spot in a major men's tournament final for the first time since one thousand nine hundred sixty six. They will be sixty thousand fans inside. Wembley for the match. England defender harry. Maguire says denmark will be a tough test. They've proven now it for years that they're atop team. I think the high frank team that would have played in this competition so we know that the strong team with great leaders in the team great experience. We know it's gonna be a tough game but we really focus on ourselves from bureaus worldwide. This is fsn. Welcome back to the owen presidential democra- kiosk debate. If you're just tuning in tonight in an historic first americans could ask any question at any time. Just by stepping into one of the thousands of democracy kiosks we've placed in front of seven elevens across the country decatur illinois. Let your voice be heard everybody. My name's joe crawford and my question is how many taco can eat sixty seconds kevin Have we screened all of these. We haven't but we can. We can't great straight from the heart of america. Raw and unfiltered rockville maryland to boulder colorado. This is the most powerful sort in the planet so we really can't screen these things kevin not at all. Okay then. I think i'll just ask a question of my own that okay. No i won't austin. Texas is the onion news network. Love what we do lease help. Support our international satellite channels at patriotic dollar n. dot fm. That's patriot. That dot fm. The latest edition of the tom would show is next on the liberty radio network at l. dot. Fm get more at tom. Woods radio dot com. The tom would show episode 1932. Prepared a set fire to the index card of allowable opinion. Your daily dose of liberty education starts here. The tom would show folks. Don't even think about missing the libertarian event of the year. The two thousand episode of the. Tom would show live in orlando featuring many of your favorites from the time would show and michael mala says his special surprise guest whose identity i myself. Don't even know we'll bring the house down. Cost nothing to attend register at tom woods. Two thousand dot com. Hey folks. Tom woods here a couple of things to tell you before we get started with our episode. I the topic for today is the national debt and in particular whether it really does any harm to us or not of course we know it does but we want to talk about exactly what forms that harm takes. Because sometimes they're not that evident and to talk to us about this. We have our old friend. jean epstein. Who is the director of the soho form. Which is the premier libertarian debate series in the country and before that he served as economics and book review editor at barons. The nation's premier financial publication and before that he was chief economist at the new york stock exchange. He's got a resume as long as my arm. But i'm glad that right. Now his job consists of sitting here and talking to us about the national debt. So we're gonna bring gene on and a minute before we do that. I won't let you in on something. One of my listeners has done that. I think some of you folks will find interesting. And he's created a website in a service private phone shop dot com. And so the way pitches it is whether it's censoring dissident voices or restricting what you can say about cova. It's clear that big tech companies are no friend of libertarians. Why support them by carrying a phone. That spies on you just so they can sell your data and private phone shop. We sell de googled phones. Free from tracking spyware plus advise on what apps to use in order to protect your privacy and if you use promo code woods get a free power bank with the purchase of any phone so check that out at private phone shop dot com a link to it on the show notes page. That's tom dot com slash. Nine hundred thirty two and of course this company used my linked to get their hosting so they get a boost from me and some other great goodies to give them a nice unfair advantage. Let's say out of the gate so If you'd like to have that for site you're thinking of creating checkout tom woods dot com slash publicity before you create that site and you will be in the driver's seat all right now over to gene. Nfc nami warn you. Let me warn you. Don't say to warn you when gene and talk. Sometimes it takes a while going but it's always worth listening to okay. Even the banter is always worth listening to gene. Welcome to the show tom. It's great to be back on your show. And of course it was great to see you at work fast just a week or so ago. And in fact coincidentally Perhaps you missed the barn burner of a of a lecture by my one of my favorite living economist. Bob murphy at pork fest. Because he he delivered Quite intense lecture on the subject. That you and i discussed this morning much of a devoted to that issue of the burgeoning debt and the alarms about it. And so i'm gonna cripple a bit from the great bob as good things. I bob just seem so busy lately. That i feel bad asking you to come on the poor. Tom would show you know. So i i know i got old gene obscene. Anytime i want you can always fall back on me. And and then Also you know. I i really appreciate your recent update on on the on the reopenings and from ground zero in new york city. Of course we are seeing You know the city come alive. Although various venues that we're talking to dragging that heals the new school or other places and not quite making their plans. And i'm very eager to get this whole forum back at a regular home. We have only one solid commitment which is symphony space for the long long-awaited bill kristol versus scott horton debate on october fourth. And i know you've told me tom. Then tober is too difficult a month for you to make it to new york city.

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