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From 1989 to 1995 he chaired peace negotiations in northern ireland any was us special envoy to the middle east facilitating the 2010 2011 israeli palestinian peace talks will join us to discuss the current state of middle east peace talks and the best way to move forward for the crisis in north korea and so coming up next after this news live from npr news in washington i'm shade stevens authorities have identified the suspect in the deadly terror attack on pedestrians in new york city tuesday as twenty nine euro saiful asahi paul of loose beca stan so you paul is accused of piling a rented home depot truck into a crowd of bikers and pedestrian ends before crashing into a school bus in lower manhattan eight people were killed and more than a dozen others were injured authorities say that saihi paul was armed with two handguns before police shot and wounded and arrested him lawyers working for special counsel robert muller are warning that former trump campaign chair paul manafort could flee before trial manafort is under house arrest after pleading not guilty to a list of federal charges including conspiracy and money laundering as npr's carry johnson reports officials are asking a judge to order more bail conditions lawyers for this special council say paul manafort in his deputy rick gates posed a flight risk and thorny the men face 12 serious criminal charges and have a history of quote deceptive and misleading conduct manafort in gateshead have pleaded not guilty they're currently under home confinement in court papers prosecutors say manafort has three different passports they allege he registered a phone under an alias this year then travelled using that alias the men are due back in court on thursday carry johnson npr news washington california's recent wildfires are officially the most expensive in state history as sara hussain for member station kqed reports insurance claims are now up to three point three billion in dollars state insurance commissioner dave jones says insurance claims now surpassed the previous priciest blaze the oakland hills fire by more than half a billion dollars and that number continues to rise john says the heart hit city of santa rosa was once a low risk area and he warns that insurance rates statewide could be going up as wildfires become more widespread possible that.

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