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This kids running around most apartment and most with it and Tobin and his girlfriend or happy and hr legal so it was very enjoyable and nice and just not a whole bunch to talk about. Because i usually. I have things. I'm mad at us really mad at anything here. Good jobs is plainly as you satisfied. Send it out on a positive heart song a. We'll be interesting if they come back to see exactly what the parameters of max hearing heart songs are going to. It's just going to be. We're going to go through the whole somebody having to figure stuff out again or if it's gonna be neutral alarm anyway. That was season to voice extrordinary platelets. Yeah what did not end on. The extreme tear jerking that season one. No i did not know. It ended on a happy note which is appreciated. So that if it doesn't come back we can feel good about it so moving onto another show with singing. We watched girls five of on peacock. It's a new show about a ninety s group. That about twenty years later is Sampled rap song and suddenly asked to be on the tonight show is kind of a a funny thing and then they decide that they are going to reunite and have a comeback even though they never really got very far the first time and Are all now mostly far away from entertainment either willingly or because really nobody will have them so. It's extremely unlikely. Especially since they are no longer girls that they're going to be able to get their goal. Group vied back and they also realize that most of the songs. They sang back in the nineties. Were you know kind of offensive and often so they have to find some better material and somebody who will pay them to sing and you know get over all the hurdles of their current lifestyles. So it doesn't. It's not the kind of show that slick relying heavily on storyline so that should suffice pretty. Well now it's on peacock premium which means that you can watch the first episode of it on free peacock but for the rest of it. You have to either pay for ninety five a month or get the seven day free trial and watch it all real fast so we opted well. Let's not say less than sneaking but let's just say we're gonna talk about four. The episodes now in the remaining four episodes next week just their short quick and they are lightweight little bubbles. They go down super easy. You can just knock off for these and hardly breaks stride As opposed to like one hour of veronica mars which feels like a five hundred ton weight on your shoulders and always extraordinary playlist which should be half an hour but is in our and is filled with problems. These girl five ever ever episodes man. They just just them like peanuts. That's right. they are super-duper lightweight and fun and like a little soap bubble floating up in the air and then popping. So i enjoyed watching it very much and the memory of anything that i would have to say about any of the episodes is quickly fading out on my brain. So would you think of girls five bella..

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