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This is straight talk with Ross Mathews. Did you see Twitter, Twitter right now? No. Is blowing up Dan. The dance belt is trending? Yeah. Number two million eight worldwide. There's been one tweet. You know, every once in a while I come up, think you crowd. I come up with a game idea and everyone should know while that idea sweeps the nasc- on I did it once with, are you smarter than Mark? People are still talking about it. Look at the Emmys. Look at him hundred. Yeah. Another game that swept the nation which Chris. A third game this up the nation is cold. When did they when did that? Did it happen. Swingy to win off. I generally will give you all three things that happened in the same year. This happened that happened in this happen. What year did those free things happen? If you can pick the year, you get a point. Pinball machine. If you can pick the year, those same three things happened and you get a point and we compete. I think me now. What's gonna be different about this time is. I'm not going to be asking a question. Happen. I, I'm shocked just like you are, but who. The question. That person shooting shooting right over. There. Hello. Vaccine fans. Put together a winded out to happen, I sure did. And we, the three of us you're going to play are playing Mickey. It'd be fun of his. Versus televisions Ross Mathews? Yeah. I think you're gonna do really good on the do not know what you're asking, but I, I will be participating and I'll tell you this game on the fuck a good. Do you? Do you want us to talk me a little bit CG. Good luck raw. You're gonna win. I love Cerny pet from the beginning of the show. What happened? That little girl. I love worker. She go, it's in the phone more More of a. of a. Going down, went down south. All right. At time to play sandwich may..

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