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Donald Trump, Means Committee, Chairman Richard Neal discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


It is Friday September twenty seventh. I'm Sam Cedar and I'm Lucy Steiner. Which one of these stories will you be talking about. Today and impeachment roles on trump has caught on tape suggesting that the whistle blower who filed a complaint against him should be executed. Meanwhile the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Mitty is reportedly sitting on another explosive whistleblower complaint. This one alleging trump attempted to influence. Irs Audit of his tax returns and lastly chaos at Fox News where management is divided over whether to stay loyal to trump heading into a peach mint. You're listening to majority dot. Fm Am quickey and these are the stories so you need to know. Donald Trump was caught on tape suggesting that the whistle blower who filed a complaint against him should be executed executed the Los Angeles Times reports that the president spoke at a private breakfast in New York City on Thursday in which he likened the Ukraine whistle blower to a spy and suggested did that he received the death penalty for filing his complaint lose. Absolutely later on trump joked about staying on pass twenty twenty four. I say we're looking good for another four years and then if we want to another four and maybe then after that that another for Larry's house ways and means Chairman Richard Neal is reportedly sitting on a credible and potentially explosive whistleblower complaint alleging the trump attempted to influence an irs audit of his tax returns on Wednesday huff. Post reported that a federal employee in July approached the house ways and Means Committee with evidence the president tried to corrupt an Internal Revenue Service audit of his personal tax returns neal a Democrat from Massachusetts. It has refused to discuss the tax whistle blowers claims and public supposedly opting instead to use the official allegations to strengthen the ways and means committee committee's legal effort to obtain trump's tax returns neil of course also rejected tax returns from New York state so this is a dubious claim on his part now that House Democrats are moving forward with a formal impeachment inquiry against trump aggressive groups are beginning to demand that Neil break his silence on the whistleblower complaint and give the public as much information as possible about another abuse of power by Donald Trump majority dot..

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