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Go and create. An Jay Gee. I thought in some ways mark was interesting because in some ways he was kind of a mentor and surrogate father for for warf and was instrumental in helping him after the death of his wife and. So. AM. I on the right track with him or. Does he view warf more as a comrade? Didn't start out that way I. I am. The first really significant episode I was in was. Once more into the breach? Yes. A and I. That was John Colin Coast who was coming back. coming forward really the first. Klingon ever John Calicoes has He was coming in to earn himself an audible death I. Guess He knew he was dying and he wanted to somehow. Crown his life with an honorable death, which is everything to a Klingon. And he came to me but I would not. Confusing episodes the first episode was with These are my two favorite episodes. So do get them mixed up soldiers of the empire? In soldiers, the empire which was directed by Lavar Burton. smarttalk was presented as a man who has lost his courage lost his nerve, Klingon that's lost his courage. Disrespected his ship was disrespected. It was he was like the. The. If there was a accursed ship in the navy that was it his his ship at the the the Klingon crew. Hated themselves hated the ship hated him. And WARF came on and Jet Zia also, but war put me in a position where I could actually behave. In such ways to overcome by fear works character. After, he did it and I and I did overcome by fear of Gemma. Dr And. at the end we I welcome making part of how smart talk. He was part he was part son part brother that was the most. That was probably the most emotionally. Fulfilling episode. I ever got a chance to do because it. Really. Pushed Mar talk to his emotional ends about being a A. Senate being a coward being afraid. There are things that I would. I would undertake now except as John. Accepted I you know there are too many people involved in this too much chance of chance of failure. But I would love to be able to do it. It's anyway warf provided mar talk with that possibility. It worked out in impart my house which. will filled a need he had as well. No absolutely. No. That was great. It was great. The whole Klingon storyline on. Was Awesome and. You got credit the guy who really knew how to write him Ronald D Moore you more man you're right he he had those great Klingon stories man it was had great great command of Klingon culture. And if you've ever met Ron. He is the most like Whenever the opposite of overbearing is he he's he's the most humble man is yes he's a he's a genius but he's so humble. He sowed non-aggressive non demonstrative of of this much. I know you know it's just not there. I have the greatest respect for rushmore, but the other the other thing in case with the with a once more into the breach Lavar, Burton was the director. Of. The breach and I think James Conway Allen craker directed. Soldiers the Empire Notre Dame. Sorry of screwing up again. Lavar directed soldiers the empire. Alan craker yet another Canadian directed once more into the breach. They were both fabulous directors Michael VR was Eddie He was a a DP anti director He was sort of a very talk about a very humble man he was. You never hear about him in fact he he's. He's on findable. I've tried to find him through the. Through all the resources we have been, he just does not want to be. found. is so he has A. Anyway We had great writers like Ron, Moore. We had great directors and terrific actors and the guy in charge. IRA. Oh. Yeah. you know he just loved IRA loves actors and he loves storytelling above all. In that way, he was I think sorta like Gene Roddenbury, he tried to find the most important things to say and put him into I. Fight Context was wonderful I. Say out of all this series, a deep space nine was easily the most diverse. That was such diversity with August with races and aliens was just it re it actually reflected a lot of the real world in it and You had a captain that was a father to, and we never saw that right and not only you're right about that man. The world was very, very rich likely action world. Last episode what you leave behind we leave behind his leg I think out of all the shows after next generation. I think gene roddenberry would like ds nine, the the Best I think would be nice. That would now have bob got a chance to meet Oh. That's nice. That's nice. Start with you bob and also Jj of course. Have you seen some of the New Star Trek at all? I did see. The first one. In a very large knew there was an opening and We were all invited and. The one that shot up in Canada and I loved it a lot of times West we would I think of the new Klingons, and and and I. Actually have to say I love them to I. Think every show deserves its own. Look at Klingons and the their own interpretation of we seem to change from showery Xiao except for next Gen to deep space that was the exception. I did enjoy their new look I like that. Because of the show actually going back in time. you know the actually introduction of of the klingons to. Humans coupons and I enjoyed it. Third -joyed the show I. Love the acting the actors are wonderful. All of them. It's it's a good addition to the family and it's really wonderful to see. Shows Continue Roddenberry name continuing and and Star Trek and? Paramount coming alive again and and and it all coming back. I.

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