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Of practice for employers if a company breaks that code the commission says any employment tribunal payouts should be twenty five percent higher the woman who acted as a mentor for the parson's green bomber in the year before his attack says he had not agreed to work with prevent the government's deregulation program kate cable told bbc news that she believed armored hassan's lack of consent meant he wasn't properly engaged with the program he was found guilty last week of attempted murder for leaving a bomb on a tube drain injuring more than fifty people a home affairs correspondent jim kelly reports kate cable mentored art met hasaan on a voluntary basis for year before his attack she wasn't working for the prevent deregulation program she's told the bbc that while preventative officials in sorry while having meetings about hasaan she was concerned that he hadn't agreed to take part in the program sorry county council is now knowledge that it didn't seek hassans consent but it said star from prevent agencies met him on many occasions and gave him support in a brief statement the metropolitan police insisted that hasaan was engaged in prevent the speculation that the north korean leader kim jong un is about to make a visit to china if confirmed it would mark mr kim's first trip abroad since taking office in twenty eleven beijing is sent to be under tight security with a heavy police presence at a guest house where north korean leaders have previously stayed the british government has warned of a horrifying escalation of violence in the democratic republic of congo the international development secretary penny morton told bbc news the congolese authorities had to allow free and fair elections to take place later this year if the crisis is to be tackled from the capital kinshasa are africa editor fergal keane reports and speaking of a horrifying escalation of violence the international development secretary is echoing the concerns of the wider donor community conflicts in several provinces have led to the displacement of millions with the latest crisis affecting the northeastern region of a tory in recent days i saw tens of thousands of displaced people there and met survivors of massacres there is an atmosphere of deep uncertainty about this country's political future the intervention by the.

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