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The grown these drags after the second straight time against cueto that's out number two three wasn't king yet what when you it still looks though they looked almost exactly the same it looked way back then then the 1731 captain cook and his men were there and then one of the officers no vancouver georgia and couvert a died while they were there and they build a monument for him and still right there when you get to the entrance to the bank watto takes off a pitch at a dirt humbly digs it out of the dirt throws to second panic late getting over to cover anyway emma throw was late and it was off liner titanic whence getting over on the infield dirt just make sure didn't go into centerfield he'll all that needs which is to steal fourblock blocker willetts it's it's it's an archeological ruin still there and the the call him a hit hideo and the and it's you know you don't you you pull right into it in there it is an email swimming in that vein here's a fastball for our called strike to read a jury the first pitch was walls now account as one of one so you're going to visit the bay we've ever there which it to you hit when he had to gather together with other calaca koa swamp the dolphins which is not something that they provide the just happened to be a lot of dolphins it hang out there many times it's not a tank can were yielded sleep sick the the ocean there's a little piece of land the finger of land on the far side of the bay and there's no way to get over there other than by boat with that little piece of land has a monument to captain cook each where he died and it's owned by england the only place in what is now the united states were the land itself is owned by the government of another country they bought it i think it was a deal that they wanted to put their monument on there for captain cook a great explore 212 jury bouncing ball through handle i feel basit rock hill powder out third here come parker with the thrall it is a little bit off bribe lakos scores shabby hanley takes a bureau an rocher's shows jury goes to.

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