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Josh loves the names. Steven Naismith yours so wrong about Bucks soldiers in the met I think you are so but Buck Showalter in my pin is one of the greatest managers of this generation okay I don't feel like you're giving them enough credit for what he did for the Yankees and in the nineties wait the farmers nine two thousand and if you remember correctly full to what twenty twelve to twenty sixteen books so what is all reals had the best record in that will be that's in the same division with the New York Yankees cap of a race in the Boston Red Sox which is which yeah I'm aware I'm aware of what he did one year bald I'm with the. from twenty twelve to twenty sixteens window mid midway from the wrestles with the wheel stirs books so Walter was one of the greatest managers and you know you know about some alternatives. his major league baseball's version of Larry brown. about lebron an MBA used at the nickname is to fix it number that. yes wherever he went the team got better. he went to the hall of fame because of it and I get that but ultimately you have to go to the Detroit Lions I'm sorry to Detroit Pistons and coach twenty Billups takes operates rip Hamilton brushy them bill Wallace in those boys. ma'am Lindsey hunter and others. to a title before he was recognized for the greatness that he had repeatedly put on the spur and displays spending decades because he was the voice of that ship and all I'm saying to you when you look at Buck Showalter and I tell you that this may. has not been synonymous with championships. okay I mean I don't think that's far fetched I don't think that's beyond the pale. you have to look at what the world's like in the most recently with over it well Buck Showalter thing never surround him with good pitcher I do not have to look at any of that all I have to look at the reason I don't have to look at that is because I never said he was a bad manager I never said he wasn't a good manager I set my preference for the Mets situation would be Joe Girardi is that him. you're already so it will be a gift I know you want to I know you want to tie in with the Yankees I know that much worse with the most talented group where to get that's how they took walks the walk I short books all who will become the met Dave you're letting you know all right will become that make the mistake listen I'm looking at Buck Showalter and when you look at Buck Showalter his resume he lost in a L. D. S. what a Yankees one time in four years he went to the post season once he lost okay all right in three years with Arizona he went to the what post season he lost in in in how many years in in Texas for years nothing in Baltimore for two thousand and ten to two thousand and eighteen he went to the post season. three times okay one of those times he went to the ALCS. I got it. the resume is is is solid and I know his baseball knowledge is impeccable I'm not questioning it I just have a personal preference he ate it sure to call let's go to Joe you live a Stephen it was a joke. Hey Renee this one say the France McCall and I knows it will be a little off topic but I want to get your opinion about the same like what were you think the same season could possibly end up under the same plan I think it's gonna win it all I think the saints could win it all if. drew Brees comes back healthy and the divas continues to play the way they played against Dallas last week. yeah I think you can rely on Michael Thomas an alpha Qamar I think they're reliable commodities I think the question is DO breeze can't be on healthy and that defense has to continue to deliver. you hold your I live at thirty five yards rushing and neutralize the passing game in the process you got to be able to do that again some of the other teams in in in in in the National Football League thank you Liane you have to do it again amber Rogers in Green Bay you might have to do it against Matt ride in Atlanta because even though they're they're also wanted to be start in this not impressive we can't deny the fact that Julio Jones mom it's a new cab over the all of the same squad with Matt Ryan can't ignore us it was in the Seattle can't ignore allied to the the Los Angeles rams because they're hobbled off it can't ignore Carson once in Philadelphia Eagles can't even the don't need in order to try alliance right now the way they look and we met Patricia has simply get it going. even a are you think they can't win with a bridge water at the hell no. not a championship thank you win games to get you to the post season championship hell no. well I want to make the Callaway's coated with a rich water I just told you I don't believe it I think that he's a relatively pedestrian quarterback he's a game is easy game manager I don't think he's a difference maker I don't think he's a scrub but I don't think he's a difference maker you need your ways you need the greatness of drew Brees to deliver your championship and you better get that back because if you don't get that back you going away. have a nice day let's go to mail the lava Stephen it was about. Hey Steven nice. first time call would be trying to show in JCS there would stop okay and all also you are not one of. I got a question about the Mets work I want to choose which boy A. R. thirty thirty then was production assistant a bit short much louder talk to you and what you did last summer do you think they should keep making calorie supermarket. you should have a nother year now now. now he did not get socks off I mean the first half of the season was awful the second having went on a run in they were the most exciting team in baseball for about three weeks then after that they tailed off to the Phillies in the nationals are number three he was a part of a wagon this choice he rob the a year before the GM executive VP and I think when van wagon and has every right to one is old guy particularly when you consider the quality of manages that are available in the open market right now. I think it's up to you because. what I understand that being that the US is trash really wish tries it in we we will forty six and twenty six up an all star break yeah and we will play by injury yeah so I mean baseball hot man I to do this there's nothing that Mickey Callaway did any of those manages all right Joe Maddon Joe Girardi Buck Showalter there's nothing that we can Callaway did those guys can't do in his weekly as his replacement right right right SO school man yeah be sure to check mark all manner thank you Judy she upset but all right no problem Jordy lives the they go it. Hey what's up let me show man I just want to talk about the game tonight will worsen and drops the other on the rams you know we're from coming in with second consecutive wins on Thursday night football you sixty made against around go with the three straight losses he is going to be at home if that's what I think would drop only putting that two touchdowns last week against the against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers what three interceptions up early only have what I think sixteen yard with five cherries that's going to be a good one but I I I I don't think the ramp going to come through Victor tonight I don't think so either I think the weather combined with that crowd on the road the noise factor except I think it's going to compromise the passing game this can lead on a run at a football more and I don't think Todd Gurley is a hundred percent healthy to run particularly against that defense and that whether I'm going with the Seahawks had agreed I'd really all right we should call man thank you so much it eight say ESPN you listen live Steven a ESPN radio ESPN news also let's go to Jack your life is even a was a Jeff. even first time long time thank you our. what you're talking on men who would be the real deal and to the Jaguars have a chance of winning the division well first of all anybody looks anybody looks like the real deal when you succeed in Blake Bortles so let's put that in its proper perspective we can ignore that that's number one number two Nick Foles got there he's the one you acquired if the agency in boredom of Philadelphia but he got hurt in the first half of game one. number three you look at the defense Jacksonville has a quality defects it's a damn shame that all the nonsense that's been going on they have been going on there particularly with Jay the rams you want to be traded because he can't stand Tom Coughlin he got Chad con the owner for the Jacksonville Jaguars say we're not going to get to the consider trading J. the Ramsey because we have better see what the which is a perfectly logical why he would take that position and why he would make that decision but it does in the gate the fact that all it's going to do is make life uncomfortable because jailer Ramsey is not gonna sit idly by and his live in his in his situation and be and are you not wanting to be there what have you so that's not a good look either so that could be the potential for more friction is there last but not least when you get back to meet you you know what let's face reality we appreciate the fact that he played good against Tennessee on Thursday night we got that any filled in admirably once Nick Foles went down we get that but if we really really be an honest reason while waving about Menchu is up because of his here do his mustache and is what. that's right I said it. if you want if you just look like some regular old cookie cutter quarterback would you be raving about him like this. we we get what I'm saying I don't know if you'd be raving about him like this. you'd be talking about Jacksonville and given him credit for filling in well what he would it be this raid that he is if it wasn't for the way he looked and the way he dressed Hey y'all know what that's what I got some special date over the next two games where where we noticed some and stuff with you got people to dress like you wear fake mustaches look like it would be here dues and all this other stuff because he's a fee non right now. so basically you know what he's getting his fifteen seconds of fame as we speak. what is the really knock your socks off yet no. and I'm not saying he did I like I like what I see does fall but as the season progresses the more films coming out on him let's see how he does and let's see how he responds to the adversity that will inevitably be thrown in his direction. right now all you got is a here do a mustache and a wardrobe if you want for that you will be talking about him like this. you're right take it easy got to run eight eight eight say is because it is a seven two nine three seven seven six your bring up none of that stuff to talk about patch my home you know why because that brothers on another level that's not what anybody's talking about with men to guard no mention his dad's in order is by the way it was a beautiful beautiful **** Daddy a pop in his fist in this bar in the sun beautiful look love fear that this box is they give them all the love and support the world and this was done nothing to deserve any kind of criticism and I'm not trying to give it to he doesn't deserve any criticism and I'm not trying to give it to all I'm saying is is that the difference between him doing it being a backup whose plant well it might be coming to start up or be in a part of me to order a face of Menchu mania is his wardrobe his mustache it is here do..

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