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Four sixteen in jungle. Warrior twenty three ninety eight considerably faster than everyone else coming home and the way that galloped out he Gallagher monster. The thing that I think is most interesting and exciting about horse like this. He's paired up by beef figures, seventy. Seven's first two starts. I think you're going to get a phone move in the next start, which presumably going to be the Breeders Cup juvenile turf. I think he's going to want to run all day and I understand the juvenile turf is only going to be a mile and sixteen, so maybe that's not even going to be as best. I could very easily see this being a legitimate sort of Belmont derby, horse next year's three year, old races like the secretary and then who knows he's got to continue to improve no question about it, but this looks like a very exciting prospect. When you hear the connections afterward, talking about the horse, it gives you a little bit more context as well. Heavier Castellano quoted saying I had a perfect trip. This is where it really starts to stick out to me. This is such a special horse. He's got so much talent. I like the way he split horses at the quarter pole and you finished really well. These are the kind of horses you want to ride with lots of potential. When Javier Castellano is saying that this is such a special horse and things of that nature. And he's, he's at a point in his career. You don't have to just say things just to appease the connections and make them feel better. He's obviously you can write whatever he wants. If he's speaking this highly of this horse. And I think he's acknowledging also that there's a little bit of these things IRA now he's only going to get better. Once he does that you hear Peter Brant afterward, Chad Brown, and I looked at this horse and we'd just like the way the excuse me. We just liked the way he was made. He was a choice of ours and he's really come through a wonderful horse. Chad and his whole team have done a great job with this horse. This to me is going to be one of the short prices come Breeders Cup time. It'll most of it will depend on what the Europeans decide to bring over. CHAD'S record in the Breeders Cup, especially with the juvenile's has been very, very strong. I think this is very exciting prospect in additional ground. I'm telling you, I feel like a mile and a quarter is going to be his game. So I think he's going to be one of the major threats rice Breeders Cup, juvenile turf, but going forward way down the line next year, give him some more improvement x, y, and z more professionalism race. The Belmont derby, secretary all those types. Those prime for him as a three year old thought war of will quite well. L. got the first run on the pace situation. You take a look. There wasn't a ton of running going off from the back of the pack, but I think that was more product of maybe those other horses coming from far farther off of it or a little bit suspect as far as Bility's concern, the two horses that I liked also coming into this race that I thought ran fine Nash trick and obvious flatter. Now the problem with each one of them, I thought they flattened out quite badly done lane, keep month this stretch out and distance for pretty significant one for obvious flatter. But Nash trick run it seven eighths of a mile..

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