Boulder, Fort Collins, Fred Sports Traffic Center discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Definitely good news for the Broncos, and a lot of guys are out for covert, too. We'll talk about how that may change his game plan ahead. We speak with him live in the next five minutes. 7 18. Let's head back outside. Cloudy out there this morning. How are the roads? Fewer people out there on a Friday? Yeah, Yeah, We're seeing definitely less traffic this morning. I think it's the combination of Friday and Who wants to go out in the morning like this, anyway, if you don't have to, You're driving start to clog up in some of the usual spots that to 70 drive heavy in both directions. I 70 is pretty heavy As you come westbound past Pina Boulevard and over to about 2 70. You're 2 to 5. Dr. Loading up south found right around Parker Road down toward the check. Center Tech center. Dr. Looks good CNN for 70. Where you gonna run into problems is as you get higher and elevation so toward Boulder toward the foothills toward Douglas County and In Douglas County, definitely going to be slicker up in the Fort Collins area. It's been slicker to that drive on south on. I 25 both sides of my 25 heavy between Windsor of the 3, 92 and Mulberry in the Fort Collins area in the foothills, you run into a slicker drive some fog to to deal with and some change laws and trash in laws right now, not a ton of problems in the bed. Fred Sports Traffic Center. I do see a rollover accident, causing delays on Indiana. Just south of 120 that drive in and out and around. Boulder is going to be slicker this morning. Also, reports of ice sheet of ice on Dillon Road near 96. Also over toward the right around north of the Northwest Parkway. There, Lewisville Lafayette, that area and the northern part of Brookfield. So watch yourself this one in your ramps and bridges, maybe a little bit slick, But overall, we've got a pretty decent drive going.

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