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Their jobs when the Corona virus pandemic ABS. And business resumes. Margaret Romeo was laid off from her job as a server. We all deserve the right to return to our jobs, all of us Every single one of us, we deserve the right We've earned it. Several 100 idled workers demonstrated Tuesday at the Clark County government Center before their representatives asked members of the county commission to consider a law September 1st. Giving workers ate right to return to former positions. Las Vegas bars and taverns might be allowed to open again at midnight Thursday, even though a Nevada judge declined to force Governor Cecil Acto lift a Corona virus closure order. Attorney Dennis Kennedy represents drinking establishments that suit to reopen. He pointed to the governor's directive last week that would let bar's open at 50% capacity, with employees wearing face coverings and customers. Sitting 6 FT apart. A newly formed Corona virus mitigation task force could still extend the bar closures order based on its reading of Clark County Corona virus cases. Task force meets hours before restrictions would expire. That is. Top election officials requested an emergency regulation, adding more oversight to the states. Newly passed law allowing ballot harvesting Secretary of State Barbara Saganowski Center Request Governor Cecil Act seeking the regulation that would add rules to the collection of balance by people who are not related to other voters. Regulation would require reporting of political, corporate or advocacy group associations by those who collect 10 or more ballots. Democratic Party has officially made Joe Biden its presidential nominee during the online Democratic National Convention. The roll call of convention delegates, which usually takes place in a packed arena was done by video this year from the 50 States. 25 votes for our next President, Jo Bad New Mexico Core market in Delaware is proud to cast its 32 votes for our favorite son. At our next president. Biden, who had the delegates needed since June, celebrated with his wife in Wilmington, Delaware. Thank you very, very much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all officially accept the party's nomination Thursday. This is Biden's third bid for president..

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