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South of the as with another defeat. Where do we go. Where does edward go. We'll do the goal. What are they supposed to say is that i mean five defeats in games for anybody. Struggling mediocre team would have the manager and hotseat and that's how big search for him and what highs show no team up and has failed them. And we've talked about. This is that when he's been up against severely and he has already got a result cannot continue that we can't who knows because everyone started well but the the buffalo who knows but we'll saw short into the season that's only just started but already it's coming home to bear for him and the club could all going in the wrong direction and i sent the weekend could come to head. I mean i really do. How long do you let it go. How long do you let it go if they lose every weekend. But even if they don't even if they result against everton rob there's absolutely no consistency in this side which is kind of paint a picture of what's happened over the last three or four weeks which leads to you. Were saying that. That doesn't seem to be a plan. You know the best manages when you look at team without even knowing the pleasure and say well. That's a josie marino to more. That's alex ferguson team. Because they've played to a certain pattern they got patents play that they've been working and in training and training they turn the opposition round to start with then boys themselves spicy midfield to play. So you know what they're trying to do and they do it very well when i watched manchester united. I've seen now for a year and a half with only to social or y- and i keep seeing the same things how they going to get the ball into those from players. They 'cause they keep coming into spices where there is no space so the midfield plays after go square breaks. That's why the plan so slowly because the front making any runs but why isn't the coach sort in the l. Wasn't he get in the game. The game and tonight when the ball changes and manchester united's efforts when it back was really poor and i'll go with the front so again it starts with the front if they lose possession rush for the mall sale today when they lost possession the beaumont three yards away from there was no effort to try and when it back again and so the istanbul by shack sheer. She said it right then. Quite four with ruffo greg. Thank you very much. Thank you shocker. Rolling craig stay with me if you want. More from shocker. Download the podcast with grove on. Extratime answer your questions. Hi there this. Is julie foudy with my co host lentils our from the podcast laughter permitted. And we're here to tell you about our sponsor ally then and i are actually customers ourselves. And that's why we're pumped to have teamed up with ally from the very beginning in jules. I think it's safe to say that. You and i love working together but we also enjoy having some fun together indeed so we started thinking about how we can make our money. Do the work while we play. In fact there is no reason to go to a bank in twenty twenty. There is a smarter way. It's online anytime anywhere ally also. Has these really cool savings tools that make your money work smarter.

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