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Stories you want to share curated for you, Farran Honest. Check it out. Kbc dot com Traffic Next Alexa can do way more than just eavesdrop on your conversations. She can also play M 7 90 KBC for years, just say. Lexa Enable the KBC AM skill. Okay, Here's am 7 90 K A. B. C. ABC. Dependable Traffic. San Bernadino, The 2 10 eastbound on fifth Street crash blocking the left lane. The traffic is completely stopped from the 3 30 Rosemead on the 10 eastbound at Walnut Grove Avenue Injury crash on the right shoulder. Traffic is stopping Go Norco, the 15 South bound before 63 crashed on the right shoulder. It's a big rig versus a car traffic slow from her Roop a street. Anaheim Mills is stopping Go in the 91 eastbound between were Canyon Road and Gypsum Canyon. Hollywood stop ago traffic right now on the one on one South bound between Hollywood Boulevard and Glendale Boulevard. That's dependable traffic. I'm Kevin Trip on a M 7 90 k ABC homeowner, shark bites with Clark, the shark. Hey, it's Randy here with another shark bite from my buddy Clark fielding and failed in Love. We want to give you the information you need to know when you're hurt an accident and the name of the game today, Clark is documentation. What do you need to document when you're hurt in a car accident? Evidence. Take out your cell phone, Take pictures and videos, especially of the other vehicle and call the police. Make them come out, Make them take a report and gather any witness contact information. If you're hurt in an accident need to have this number in your phone right now. 833 88 shark. That's 8338874275. It's a lifeline to my buddy Clark the shark or you can go to Clark. The shark law dot com. That's Clark. The shark law dot com. Buy back with your accident in Re attorney Clark the shark, call 83388 Shark or Visit Clark. The shark law dot com That's a 3388 shark or Clark. The shark law dot com. Strong work ethic takes pride in a job Well done. This is you, but to get an honest day's work, you need to call back. You need a job..

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