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You every once awhile in the ever competitive entertainment industry of presents enters the same thing and it turns heads opens eyes and ears touch his heart and makes a lasting impact on everyone they encountered and today my guess. That's the guy ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to life transformation radio my friend many Cabo. Hey Rob, how are you buddy? Thanks so much. It's a lot of fanfare for a bowl guy in a microphone, but I'll take it, but I'm a ball game. With the microphone to show that will change the name will change the name of the show two two guys with a bald head and a microphone. No essential. It's got potential. That's it. How are you my friend? I'm great man. Listen to I'm alive, you know, it's been a difficult for months since my mom dad passed Rico bit. So believe me every day that I'm six feet above ground and breathing. I am beyond grateful for my friend. Well, I'm glad that you you are recovering from that and I'm sorry for your loss. That's a it's a lot of people have experienced that during this pandemic and my heart my thoughts and my prayers go with you and your family. Thank you so much. I appreciate that. Absolutely. So I met Mister Manny on clubhouse in a room and I just loved his his by man..

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