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A magic all of its own about the cup final. And this time it was a super final foreign. This magic Wembley dependent the double Could Spurs become the first team this century to win both league and suddenly, Bobby Smith seized his times gold. Danny Blanchflower must have been the proudest footballer honor because he ran up to the royal box to receive the cup from the Duchess of Kent Spurs and won the fabulous double. It was a fantastic year, of course, because obviously Spurs won the double and also I was born that year. What? You wait here. Don't go to those players have played in that Spurs double winning side in 61 are your favorites? Who players Danny Blanchflower on Bobby Smith too great. Especially about those players barely glanced Lady was a leader of men. They were a perfect, captain. Really, Danny plants. Their public sphere always felt a bit of a loose cannon and I went down to Right into him by Wass Remember, bubbly coming at a town on smoking a cigarette, which he stopped. There's even hell about also make it would you say that these days, But what a delight to talk to you right here and in fact, You are the 1000 Spurs fan. I've spoken to have the pleasure to talk to during the pandemic. So thanks for being such a great person to chat. So thank you very much going. And why were they not delight to hear from you? The former Spurs captain Gary Mabbutt, speaking Tio 77, year old found Roger Peerless Gary's 1000 Cool. Just to bring you the latest on that ax attack in Paris near the officers of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in the past 15 minutes. The French Prime Minister John Kass, Texas, said the two victims were journalists their lives. They are not in danger, he said. Two people Have bean arrested. An anti terror investigators are now involved. You're listening to news that for the BBC World Service. Do you stay with us? We've got lots more coming up in the second.

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