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A term I can't eat would Requires there's bacteria and it's got to do that for him. So that's it's a misnomer so much what we're learning about microbiome and how it works is that it's I just kind of the the first interaction with almost all the food week now having said that there's better and better and better tests looking at particular proteins. That may be problematic for US particularly. There's a company called Vibrant America. That I use that has a bunch of tests. They're really stupidly named called Zimmer's out. There's I think that's the one I took. That's a good system. They a they look at whether or not so. There's a wheat. Zumur Electon. Zumra Koren's Zimmer a dairy Zimmer and eggs Zumur there's even Neuro Sumer which is fascinating but what. I think they've been able to accomplish. Is that there you at the molecular level that many of us will react to certain proteins that are in particular foods and many of us will not so when I I have somebody who follows my program quite closely and still having issues whether it's your about whether it's an auto immune disease or whether it's brain fog then I'll get these two and it's it's fascinating for instance about in my practice. Ninety Ninety Ninety five percent of people who claim to be eating gluten free will have particles gluten in their bloodstream and into they are absolutely shocked. If in a restaurant you will be exposed to glued period. It's impossible not to about seventy percent of people who react to gluten will react corn there are molecules in corn that crossover and look exactly like gluten to to certain people most gluten free diets are loaded with corn. So that's another take away. In fact I talked talked about in the in the plant paradox. Very interesting study out of Europe where they looked at people who has ILIAC disease as which is the extreme form of gluten intolerance the gold standard of diagnosing. That is a biopsy of your wall and so all these guys were positive. By I biopsy for Celia they were put on a gluten free diet for sixteen months and then re biopsy and seventy percent of people on a gluten free diet were still positive Disease Sixteen months year and a half later and it just goes to show that. There's a whole lot more to this than meets the eye that it's not just gluten. Well I if I heard you correctly earlier understood it right. The the primary issue here is the fact attacked the gut. Biomass often doesn't have the the bacteria in there that are necessary to break down the gluten and the corn right so right if you were to repopulate with a probiotic is there a certain type of probiotic strain that you want to make sure that product has because obviously there's all kinds of different bacteria serious strains and if you take a lot of one probiotic that could dominate the other variety that are in your gut. Kill those guys off. And and now you've got an imbalance again because because you're taking too much of that probiotic. So how do you approach. That is great question. So the vast majority of the probiotics anyone swallows never makes exit into their gut number one The acid in the stomach destroys them. You Kim take spore forming probiotics and they are I have several in my formulas which I think is is a good idea but this is a bass ecosystem that lives in our gut. Thousands thousands perhaps tens of thousands of different species and it would be like. Let's go to the Amazon rainforest and let's plant of the little things in the middle of the tropical rainforests and find out how they do. Well they won't do very well quite frankly everybody else will keep them out the other thing. That's really important realizes that none of the probiotics that we swallow or actually native to our gut and they really ain't never gained a toehold. They'll kind of go on vacation for two weeks or so and then leave. Now you can keep taking these things and I think I think. That's very reasonable in the longevity paradox. I make the boast that if I can get your particular Bug Ackerman See of Houston affiliate Eh. Three time up and we do it primarily through food You'll you'll basically live as long as debt. Dave asprey thinks you're gonNA live very very very long. Time of the problem is no one has yet been able to encapsulate Or Muncie of Newson affiliate and I can tell you lots of people equal drying including us. so you can't swallow the dump stuff but what's the primary of food types that would expose you to that great question so ackerman loves a in Ulan in urine containing food. So those are the Chicory family right so radicchio Belgian dive Chicory frazee. None of us ever eat right. That's why Ridichio Jio and it's interesting when you go to south of France Louis. Almost every salad has chicory in it and I think that is not without a reason. Isn't Jerusalem artichokes are loaded. With innuendo artichoke hearts artichokes themselves or actually loaded within you. So that's feed feed it what it likes. And it'll grow why why can pass through the gut when consumed with food versus a capsule. And it doesn't it. It's in your but you gotta give it what it when it needs to eat also kind kind of a prebiotic basic exactly. These are prebiotics The other thing that's fascinating is that this particular bug lives in the mucus. Casse layer of your gut in the Mucus layer actually coats the wall of your gut and easily enough. Nuclear is there to absorb electives electons. Mucus NEWCO polysaccharide sugars. And as long as you have mucus that is actually what keeps electons away from inclining of your gut. Now this cute Little Bug Aker Mon.. You soon of love Mucus lives in. This mucus layer and it eats mucus and the more Akron see A-. You have in your mucus the more. It actually stimulates the wall of your gut to make more mucus. So it's a you know. It's kind of a mutual admiration society. Known more you have the more mucus you get the more mucus you The more you protected from damaging the gut wall. And that's really the key to all of this fasting it turns out works because Ackerman Sia Is the only bug that can live on Nukus and so all gut bugs actually go down very small populations when you're fasting and Ackerman Sia actually stimulates mucus production while you're fasting and becomes the top dog if you will in that ecosystem and I and my personal feeling another is fascinating works among other things by increasing. How long the fast would you need to take to be the effective for that for that mechanic to work now? It looks like three days is about all you need for rent. That's essentially that's doable. Yeah no food. Liquid maybe L. A. K.. Let's talk a little bit about fungus. I.

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