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So you're serious time or you're joking all the time. Yes serious stuff in the military good. It wasn't yeah. I play football chicago years. Yeah code jalen at me for no reason because in cuss me out the number. Why are you done. You wanna to coach football now. Thank you done being ru. If i wanted somebody. 'cause my dad bro. I let my daily should be making a mistake but somebody the grown man that i don't know come on so yeah what about you be. I think you know me pretty well. This point amman. I joke all the time. I do all the time i joke. I'm rarely ever serious. But if i am serious you know when being serious serious though. I know when you like gordon yano and you seriously okay. Yep but no. We'd rather not stop joking unusual for us kiss very true very true so our next to rather have a rooftop party or a beach party amman. You can go first. Time rooftop beach. I would go. I say i've been at both but definitely beach party. B. party is all the way because you got the ocean right there. You know always go take a little dip in then you come back on the shore. Get your margarita. Your opinion kaleida marguerite abia grill going beach party party. All day courtney. Yeah it'd be a beach party for me. You know living in california especially on fourth of july we had this big thing called the fourth of july each bash. I never partied on a beach. Party on a rooftop. Let's be real. You got those thirty racks. How about twelve and we got four thirty right. Oh series book. The fourth of july ardine on a beach coach he ever no. We did not go harden. Pick them on now i do. I don't know about you now. i want the brakes..

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