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Four people hit a twenty year old man died. The others are expected to survive. One of them was only grazed the in all just left a party in the apartment building and were in the lobby waiting for a taxi when they were shot, it's saddening and disappointing. That are. Being murdered and taking lives. Jessica speaking for many in this neighborhood, Roger stern ten ten wins in bed. Stuy police. Do not have a motive for the shooting or a description of the attacker scandal gross in Virginia the front page of the New York Post this morning. Reads Virginia is for losers. Virginia. Governor Ralph northern his hearing calls for him to resign in the fallout from a racist photo in his nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook. Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax is denying allegations of sexual assault from two thousand four now Virginia's state attorney general Mark herring admits he wore black face back in the nineteen eighties. As part of a costume correspondent, Tom yomas? Truly all Virginia. Democrats Koba north to resign. But now the men in London replace him Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax now himself fending off a new allegation of sexual assault. Dr Vanessa Tyson, a political science professor at scripts college accuses Fairfax of forcing her to perform oral sex in a hotel room at the two thousand four democratic national convention writing what began as consensual kissing quickly turned into a sexual assault. Virginia democratic Senator Mark Warner is called for governor northern to resign shot disappointed. Virginia adding to the political drama should all three top elected. Democrats in Virginia step down the next in line is Kirk Cox. The Republican speaker of the Virginia house of delegates President Trump tweeted this a short time ago quotes Democrats at the top are killing the great state of Virginia. If the three failing Paul's where Republicans far stronger action would be taken Virginia, we'll come back home Republican in twenty twenty on quote wins. News time eight oh, five still no verdict in the El Chapo Guzman trial with the jury in Brooklyn beginning day, four of deliberations later this morning to the casual observer, it seemed like the evidence against Waqian. Guzman was overwhelming videos of him interrogating kidnapped people witness after witness testifying about murders. Some that Guzman allegedly personally carried out. Execution style. Details about a complex drug smuggling operation responsible for bringing billions of dollars of cocaine heroin methamphetamine and other illegal drugs into the United States each year. But today the jury in his federal drug trafficking and murder trial is entering its fourth day of deliberations, the seven women and five men have not yet been able to reach a verdict. Steve Kastenbaum in Brooklyn. New York City council holds a hearing later this morning at a series of bills that seeks to make the NYPD's disciplinary process. More transparent. One measure would require the police department to submit reports on complaints of police misconduct. Another would require the NYPD to publish the number of officers disciplined each year. And to report that to the city council speaker Cory Johnson said these bills would shine the light of transparency on the murky issue. Police discipline and help prevent wrongful convictions. Drivers are beginning to notice more and more potholes. This is in large part because of the changing weather and some of the potholes are nasty and Ken cause extensive expensive damage to cars on the ten. Ten wins ring central Newsline. Here's John monotone in East Rutherford freeze thaw,.

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