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I want you to follow up on that and give barring SMARI. Let's I mean, just let's go. just call word to this. What do you want me to do? I mean, listen, Alabama's just destroying everybody. Okay. Just destroying everybody, right. I'm listening to you telling me Georgia, what they were last year, Ohio State. We got the whole urban Meyer at thing. Distracting us from the greatness that exists with the now. Although we were reminded on this Saturday night, win over at Penn State. Okay. You got Notre Dame and I'll tell you something strange about about the sportsman. Don't think for one second. This doesn't happen no matter what you see from Notre Dame right now. Everybody remembers when they were twelve or no in Alabama, destroyed them for trash through championship that residue still stay stays with you. So you look at Notre Dame and on one hand, you like fighting Irish NBC. It's nice to see you on national television. Good win over Stanford a couple of weeks ago, but if they played Allah bam, right? We all know what would happen. That's what people are thinking. And so really the season is about two things, Alabama and what team could give him a rough of their. Money. And when you look around and you don't see that it's boring warring. I mean, we hope that Ohio State would ask and the crew will give you something in urban Meyer has had some success against Nick Sabin. We get that, but outside the devil Sweeney is a great coach guy, great program, but we sort of struggle against Syracuse to team that I tried to inspire with the speech, but Syracuse is not on Alabama's level even though they on the come up. I love him. We just look with just looking for somebody with two at quarterback. What was Alabama's issue all of these years. They will have a quarterback now like AJ McCarron when he was there, but they didn't really have that start at quarterback. Well, who's the favorite for the Heisman now that too. 'cause he could ball, so we're looking at it and it was like is bad enough. Y'all were destroy people without a quarterback. Now you had to go out and get one. I mean my goodness talk about death Borhan. It's just boring. I'm not blaming saving. No it what he said about the students. He was right. Because you had Alabama, you should support. You should support program show up to the game, even if is against Lafayette, Louisiana, whatever the hell they go there, what do you have to do on a Saturday on a college campus? You can get to the football game, just stop it. But if for the rest of us. I mean JIMBO Fisher's at Texas ready yet night's game because Clemson put up a little fight for a little bit against Alabama for a few seconds. But I mean, we just looking at it. It's like, come on, you need more. You just do it doesn't get better than this Stephen. All right. Thank you. Thanks buddy crates, human. All right. I mean, I don't. I don't know where we go. We. Coming up on the program today. We have a lot more to do. Zina's can top that. Yep, sure. He can Connor Ogura from Saturday down south at the midpoint of the SEC season. Seth Walder he's usual spot stats and info. I, it does get better toward the end. Wow..

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