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This goes like I see some of the issues in wash that I I feel like we experienced with Schwartz in our frustration. Is that yet you want the players to execute? But also, it feels like there are better schemes for them. Right. The Jacksonville defense is making mistakes in zone drops both in pattern matching and in. What we call a spot dropping or covered country cover three, right? Like a lot of you know, a modern zone. Coverages have these pattern match ideas to the Mike where where you know, you're not necessarily dropping directly to the flat when the flats irresponsibility. You're reading from the number two receiver to the number one receiver and you're seeing oh who's gonna come into the flat. You know, who's gonna? Working into this whole zone and you get connected with them. And you let them kind of carry you into the flat. So you see was approaching and you get connected with them. And it's that hybrid coverage man and zone and Washington not Washington wash with Jacksonville. Absolutely does run that and Jacksonville does it. Well, sometimes the issues in his sometimes, but then he runs an inordinate amount of country cover three spot dropping cover three just your linebackers. Get Ted yards deep into the curl flat. And if a running back releases right in front of you don't do anything wake the ball rally in tackle, which is just unnecessary because you have tells Jack they could cover running backs. They can get attached to carry them in space. It's now with Schwartz. We say, oh, we feel like Darby mills could be better and closer line of scrimmage. But honestly, they'll probably get beat. They're good deal to 'cause they're meltsa Darby. They're not fantastic corners, Jill Ramsay. They get to top seven. The league just lovely. They double mug or they mug with at least one linebacker the gap about twenty seven percent of the time. When they do that a lot of it is on just mug with one in have him on the running back in play, man. Like, you don't have to set up this defensive line to be really effective. Look at the linemen that you have. I have the same issue that you have when I see them blitz in that. I see the covers behind a lot of times it is man. And boy, oh boy are those quarterbacks hard to get away from doing. Why are you allowing these wide receivers all the space which but also in m m both the eagles in the Jaguars had the same issues right now turning the ball over for the very same dog on reasons. Absolutely. And so you brought up the the blitzing in the mug loss, which I greatly enjoy house playing a game with myself when I was going through the tape which was okay, it's third and at least five I know, they're going to have six players in the line of scrimmage. That's given. You're gonna have. Yup. Three linebackers and three rushers and it's great. It's terrifying. Has it's great athletes broke or. They're five slash four. Secondary players going to be twelve yards off the ball playing prevent or they going to beat directly on the line playing man, we'll anything ever change. No. It's either a pure cover zero luck where it's like, hey, guess what we're doing guys this press coverage, or it's very clear that somebody's gonna drop and they're gonna play some sort of fire zone at least a five on a six person zone because they're not lined up in any sort of threatening men coverage and to the there's a lack of -plicitly they have is a lack of of deceit there. But anyway, back to the the boy eight point they are not going to be able to run as much man, which they still do with DJ hate on the outside or Quinton Meeks or patent. He got entire apartment, whatever it ends up being right? Hayden is usually nickel and I want to get to their nickel coverage in a bit. But it whoever it ends up being Traherne in crime makes tower patent whoever it is has to start taking outside reps. They're not gonna be able to run nearly as much man coverage in that regard. This this'll be a great game to have a stronger wider. Receiver to Fresnes be a nice game for Lord against some deep routes. I think the Jeffrey can winsome against Ramsey. I've been in the Jalen Ramsey is overrated camp for over a year. Now, still going strong what's up. So I think Jerry can win a few against Ramsey..

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