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Into side. How do I possibly overcome anything bigger than KFI AM six forty with with the Gary and Shannon show? I'm I'm totally this is it peaked at now to be fair to him. I was being an apple I was like you're going to need attention. What are you going to get back into? You can't just like go off into the into the night quietly. And so he had to out apple me in suggests that our show and our station being nothing. Right. And I know that you haven't rebounded. Remind him were the only ones who wanted to do an interview with you only to mock him to like I literally only wanted to talk to him. So I could ask him if I could see the pictures of his phone because he had been already embroiled in this sending Pena's pictures, two girls online. And at this point is kind of quieted down. This was right before he was found to have been sending obscene messages to a fifteen year old high school girl groups, so anyway, he's. He's been in jail for almost a year now, and we got his way. We got his address in terms of where to send him letters at the federal medical center in Devon's in Ayers Massachussetts or a year Massachusetts, and it looks like now he may be released from jail in several months. Several months actually, head of schedule because of his model in behavior. This is priority number one is more important than anything ever is to get Anthony Weiner back on the show. So what I've done is. I've started a letter to to the former congressman you were typing. Yes, very serious. I got the header and everything I dated October nine that's very small. And by the way, do I call him Mr. Weiner because because I don't know if you call them congressman. I mean, you never loses the title. Although he did resign. Does. He I'd even go with Tony we've sat down. So we sat down with him. We've had words dear Tony, it might cut through the noise. You know, I think every letter might begin with, Mr.. Weiner or okay Antony Antony. Dear Tony, Tony. You may not remember us, but we interviewed you while attending the democratic national convention on July of two thousand sixteen. We remember your salmon pants put that in there. Because I think that that's important. Remember your salmon colored hand? And your salty attitude, and your salty attitude you were gracious enough to take time out of your busy, schedule holding your wife's purse to give us a few minutes. And we thank you for that. Wow. We saw the poverty we saw the positive coverage of your current situation noting that you could potentially be released from your current housing in may of next year. We would love for your first step back into the mainstream to be a live interview with the. The Gary and Shannon show on KFI something about consider it a second peak. Oh, that's good. Yeah. That's good. Consider it an offer for a second chance. Reaching a pinnacle in your life..

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