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Wall who was that deadlines prince albert in a can that's right so a but as so people who believe that uh that he's charles kid say look is grandad look just like that had in sometimes well yeah except i've seen the picture and they're vaguely sort of kind of argue i leonard i mean the both candid red headed but he looks precisely like his mobs body guard who was a starred and she was in a miserable loveless marriage that would be a james hewitt former british army captain not the big year in bred horse faced dolt that sire his brother according to gm in san diego thank you john not necessarily hurtful toward old prince chuck what did he ever duty you i've never seen that guy before but met looks exactly like all really i have either uh oh jane's you oh yeah yeah like that's that's his faith elliot it's like me and declan yeah that's prince harry's dead yet i have no doubt knack has done the take a look at basis and it's clear i remember when i was a little kid we would walk around beaconsfield when we go visit my grandma and grandpa and we'd walk around this little town in old ladies mountain alone old ladies there are probably fifty but they come out on the lawn they say euus beat canas boy just by looking at me as a kid yeah because i looked like he did when he was a little yeah it's amazing how that works that may be us it's more right so yeah that's a named point you know what why call attention uh uh what are we identify people as bastards still in this time i he seems like a terrific young man i wish him nothing but health unappy she got a bastard merited a divorcee o'connell of oil wedding what kind of britain do we have is that a fairytale those signs i nightmare they are the cortege we need transition music michael too early mm hmm the shekel i don't remember what we're talking about so republicans have long argued that the consumer financial protection bureau is corrupt unaccountable and unconstitutional according to david harsanyi this week democrats proved that's exactly how they want it as long as short of it is so the the head guy there ghiz these these out in.

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