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Birmingham, Alabama Power Museum, Montgomery discussed on Glenn Beck


Problem what we'll do is rent random buildings our problem is not with the systematic racism that continues the problem in our face statue says is this and this is the time zone that we're going to take him Birmingham I can speak to other states across the country here in Birmingham we wanna take racism phase on and we're not just going to burn the buildings just by some of the scenes say people who took down the statue were not from this area crews from the city right now working to clean up the mess protesters also busted windows of the Wells Fargo building and other buildings along nineteenth and twentieth street some getting inside the Alabama power museum at harbor plaza I can flag was burned windows were smashed profanity spray painted in ATM smash too it was peaceful rally earlier in the day with the March to police headquarters in Birmingham we also saw protesters in mobile they threw bottles at cops trying to clear interstate ten some blocking traffic there traffic also blocked in Hoover briefly a few arrests made with protesters there but no one was hurt no damage there in Montgomery as well as Tuscaloosa peaceful demonstrations were held right now sixty degree sunshine next news at nine I mean she nor fell on Alabama's morning news now back to your house to J. T. all right Angie thank you very much it is a thirty six Alabama's morning Tuesday let's go to the cuts in Hoover from last night to from Saturday night actually last night was Birmingham in the cattle crazy Hoover I did have a little bit of I was there was some windows broken over the Galleria some some spray painting some graffiti going on one Hoover at protesters explain why she came out Saturday night listen when we're out here you know protesting it's not because we want to be violent because we want to let you know starting whatever it's because we genuinely feel that there is an injustice in America this is directed towards African Americans that needs to be controlled and how else you know how else are we supposed to control it another protester they're talking about black lives matter in Hoover hold.

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