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And if you can identify the secret sound you are going to win and Len Berman and Michael riddle in the morning tee shirt what a price so great price limited edition absolutely I put that teacher I went to the beach not too long ago where in the tee shirt somebody said Hey did you win that did you win that and the lead in Michael competition I said I am Michael with FedEx they were they were delighted to be I'm sure they were as a result in Atlantic beach so all right we're talking about prince Andrew and all his problems he apparently spent a a week checkfree Epstein's mansion after empty nepeta file was released from jail down in Florida but you know still the palace claims who does not know anything about it and he was appalled at the kind of behavior never side I'm sure he always yeah right well the other comp the other Royals than doing the Megan prince Harry and prince is Michael Meghan Markle she princess I guess you sort of us well one of the color doctors Dodge yes she's a Texas Duchess Duchess Megan yeah there are no I need because they're just so in love with themselves and they love being a celebrity celebrities well this entry woman named Angela Levin she's a royal biographer she's come out she says they have to decide if they're going to be Royals that is behave like oil people behave as though they were above everybody not be so accessible and not be so happy to be in the paparazzi and you know start wearing shoes because apparently they like to go barefoot and not you know we're going around in their grungy clothes so they look real she says they have to decide if they want to be of the celebrity world or the royal one other gonna be pop stars who are photographed by the paparazzi with their kids and barefoot he's just a new look for the Royals welcome bill is that what they're trying to do is they try to humanize the oils plant them starting to annoy me I'm a prince William can be human again is like is like a robot he is not at all prince Harry's got some charm but anyway we'll see with the Royals if they're gonna be royal family members or if they're going to be pop stars okay guess what time it is time for the secret sound contest here we go.

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