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Bbc cdc's now witness the history program with me rebecca kes be and today we head for britain in may nineteen seventy nine and the beginning of a political and social revolution with the election of the first female leader in western europe margaret thatcher majesty the queen asthma to form a new administration and i have accepted on may the fourth nineteen seventynine margaret thatcher became britain's first woman prime minister she'd already been an mp for the right wing conservative party for twenty years a rarity at the time the few women there were in british politics were considered rather exotic even mrs thatcher didn't anticipate her own rise to power i don't think there'll be a woman prime minister in my lifetime as far as i can see she fundamentally challenged the status quo just to be there as a woman she'd moved mountains caroline slow cock would become mrs thatcher's private secretary but as she watched the election race of nineteen seventynine as a postgraduate student she was not a great fan of margaret thatcher's she was such a striking image but she also looked in many respects quite alien she was there in these tweety tight suits you know she hats and she had that very effective way of talking which we will hate it for them it's more taxes on people higher rates on people more power to the state mrs thatcher campaigning ahead of the seventynine election if you have the slightest doubt vote conservative labor out voting for anyone else to win could mean letting labor in i came to luther whenever i heard on the television i would literally home i sell to television to turn it off because i found her voice extremely irritating i think for listeners elsewhere in the world to hear you being quite negative about a woman leading a party and then coming to power would be something of a surprise lots of people would think that you as a young feminist would be pleased to see someone like that well i had prejudices against now i look back and i realized that actually they were tinged by some very negative stereotypes about powerful women are basically so harrison sorts of headmistress type on feminine aggressive the.

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