Rosa Rivera, Winnie Palmer Hospital, Ethiopia discussed on Orlando's Morning News


To the valley station of Winnie Palmer hospital with her dead eleven year old daughter in the car, she then pulls a knife on medical staff trying to help Orlando. Police arrived at the hospital on Miller street near orange. I've just before eleven Sunday morning hospital. Security told authorities that twenty eight year old Rosa Rivera arrived with her daughter Aleida or staff determined. She was dead from multiple stab wounds. The Orange County sheriff's office says Rivera, then became combative and took out a knife. She was quickly arrested and the hospital was locked down. For about two hours. Rivera has now been charged with her daughter's murder, but authorities have not released any other details about the case Katrina scales. News ninety six point five WDBO in Tallahassee. It's week two of the states. Legislative session over three thousand bills have been filed news ninety six point five WDBO legal expert, Sherry to which is you gotta wash closely leading your representatives know your opinion about these Bill efforts are underway to approve water quality expand school choice and prevent so-called sanctuary cities. People may have some very strong opinions about them, the Senate handed governor descent is a big gift last week passing a Bill allowing smokable marijuana the house takes up the issue on Wednesday. They've all news ninety six point five WDBO Franklin this morning Ethiopia says it's recovered both of the black boxes the digital. And the cockpit voice recorder from Sunday's crash, and Indonesia and China are both now grounding all max aids for inspection. Chinese airlines operates dozens of this latest model of the Boeing seven thirty seven Sunday's crash Ethiopia marks the second time. The max eight has been involved in a deadly crash. Talk about a.

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