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Which the president talked about both sides of the issue when most Americans had made or believe that there aren't, two. Sides to the issue as they pretend to Charlottesville and also as it pertained to whether you should believe the US intelligence community. Or that of mere Putin's Russia and so that the parallels are certainly clear in terms, of the actual substance of the comments. And the actual responses from lawmakers but I will say today that you know there are. Republican lawmakers on the house side. At least coming to the president's defense and there's also the, question of what Republicans could actually do more than raise their concerns they have said called Ryan house speaker said they will continue to push for sanctions on Russia Oh they have issued sanctions on Russia but beyond that. It's not. Quite. Clear. What. Republicans can actually do to. Sway. This, president or to do, more to stand up to him and speaking of Paul Ryan as you mentioned even saw him sort of downplay the effect that Russia's meddling had on the twenty sixteen election just a day after speaking out loudly against Russia and contradicting Trump's assertion about the meddling Republicans are concerned that the president is so focused, on. Himself and the way in which admitting Russian meddling but somehow also undermine legitimacy of his election now the intelligence community has said. That it's there's no way of, knowing really, the impact that the Russian meddling had in, terms of elected Trump and Republicans are. Trying to get the president to kind of see beyond himself and I think that's what. You were seeing in the speaker's. Comments all, right thanks Caitlin Caitlin he burns national political reporter At real clear politics fourteen minutes now after. The hour. On. This, Morning. America's first news data Woody Radio it's nothing new it's. Been here all along with free. Entertainment news sports music and information it's not just part of life it's, part of who we are.

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