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News now i'm dan martin a bill up for a vote in michigan's legislature would require drivers to allow three feet of clearance while passing a bike unless it is impossible to carry out wednesday's house vote comes after months of hearings and behind the scenes work michigan is among eleven states with no safe passing law and bicyclists have been pushing lawmakers to act as more riders are killed by motorists a thirteen year old boy has been taken into custody after authorities say he was spotted with a handgun outside of a mid michigan elementary school police responded tuesday afternoon to a report about a person with a gun outside of herod elementary school in saginaw as students who are being dismissed for the day police say the boy who is not a student at the school is being held at the saginaw county juvenile detention facility pending a decision from prosecutors on possible charges republican gubernatorial candidate brian kelly is expected to be officially endorsed by current michigan governor rick snyder kelly who has been lieutenant governor alongside snyder for more than seven years will host the governor at a campaign event in the detroit suburb of southfield the pending endorsement is no surprise as snyder has spoken glowingly about kelly and an ohio school board member is resigning after authorities filed charges here in michigan accusing him of sexual misconduct with a former student decades ago washington local schools board member patrick hickey says the allegations aren't true but he stepped down on tuesday wham radar weather cloudy skies this afternoon high about forty one cloudy tonight low twenty three then for tomorrow thursday partly cloudy high of forty four that's lamb news now i'm dan martin on wam talk sixteen hundred harm michigan weather takes a heavy toll on roofing and siding call new roof today at seven three four six six five five five five five.

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