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Is a body of the show Dr Marc Siegel from one of the hospitals in New York a regular guest on fox news he was on the Tucker's show last night with a very helpful little statement this is mark Dr Marcus eagle on fox video Cup to Gerry Ford hospital in Detroit has given it to three thousand health care workers Tucker to see if it prevents them from getting cold nineteen so when Dr Sean Connolly the president's physician who I have met with and think is quite reasonable where is the options back and forth he decides to prescribe it for the president it is a doctor patient decision it should not be challenged it is a medical decision made between a doctor and a patient you can prescribe off label so I don't think it's wild or anything like that I think it's reasonable as you know I think that that drug save my father's life saved his father's life it's a bit different from mail computers interpretation we've got a couple of questions we're going to get your calls in a moment somebody on Twitter feed has said what is the right dosage for what is the general guideline the hard drug to call okay we know what it is with Larry do we know right now for prophylaxis offer treatment you know we don't but the Korean trial we talked about and also in India they recommend the same does tell me what you told me this morning in your clinic about what the Indian government has sent yesterday said we also agree with post exposure prophylaxis and if you are ill with covering your family in your house your family and loved ones who are fifteen years and older all should be our subscriber schools project welcomed four hundred milligrams daily for two weeks so they're recommending it not only for physicians on the front lines of the founding members of post exposure prophylaxis of someone's got exposed to it in the family because we can separate the families easily up you should be honored as well fifteen yeah an older I guess if you deny that the Indian government's recommending that you must be a racist that's got no would you like that with the Joplin Missouri line five welcome to America first John what would you like to watch the good doctor first off I just want to praise both of you for talking about this subject today because I've I'm a late person although I do a lot of research with the brain in genetics and so forth but anyway the thing that has troubled me so much as just to see again the political aspects of what they've done with this and so anyway I just wanna say it up front thank you for discussing this in place the president so much for sharing what he did to bring it out so that we can expose people further that are just out to undergo mind him rather than help people but my question basically is and you've covered this by all your discussion here pretty much but just if you were taking a preventative billion you hadn't been exposed as far as your mail did I hear you say that you could maybe take four hundred milligrams just once a week it would last maybe a whole week yeah that's what that's a great question thanks for the work to do in there yeah so most people believe for preventative should be once a week at about two hundred to four hundred milligrams some folks say you should do a loading dose first the first day or two a little bit higher dose but most time and with Zinke told me that yeah it was is it some taking it weekly with zinc as well and the other cocktail that you're doing as well that's a great point I mean it's just once a week with food fabulous thank you John thank you for your kind words let's go to Bob in Virginia line two bulbs and waiting very patiently welcome Bob hello Sir Hey time caller welcome I've been a listener since you started so god bless and I've actually never called any radio show but I had a question you don't even sound nervous what do you do for a living are you like a brain Sentinel something Bob you some very very level I thought I might make it might make for good discussion is it true that you try to join the clan but they didn't have a big these guys Bob he's hiding in his mom's basement door don't cut it off next time it's a some fun with him before you run some trees mother's skirt let's go to David Arizona line three working days or we should one gentleman it's great that you guys are standing behind the science and I think president trump S. but my question is why was it so politicized by the C. senior year because based on my count seventy five thousand people potentially could have been saved over the last two months when president trump brought this up so that's a tough question for a medical professional yeah why why is it so politicized as it just lack of understanding this balance between theory and practice so you mentioned earlier yeah but I think a lot of physicians in the academic world you know lean to the left so I think there's probably pressure to have this holy grail of a trial and when that wasn't done there was probably some push back and when the president mentions it political proclivities could have meant people have a political agenda not to agree yeah I mean it's amazing for the prison that we have yeah to me it's looking at the rest of the world I don't think it's early days are going to be talking to Phil cook but in the last with some amazing findings on what's really going on in the nursing homes but when you look comes the fatalities I've heard a little if you've heard this in many cases specially New York there was a problem with the protocols for the ventilator settings they were they were too high pressure and they said they they weren't using a light a setting for these people who are seriously ill and that could have caused many of the vitality is and that's the ventilator settings if you had anything like I have I have and I think I mentioned to you in passing that the group this is the head of the critical care in eastern Virginia medical center in Norfolk Dr Paul Marik yes we've been talking about things to do beforehand including medicines including steroids including antivirus to prevent the ventilator because of an waiter is not easy on the lawns of the body so I think that's going to be shown to be the case if you've got pre existing conditions if you already vulnerable the by the time you get to the ventilator it's it's not a good place to be I'm asking okay away with doctor Sam Pappas follow him on Twitter at doctor Sam Pappas but first what company are you with I know you got a mobile phone if you with one of the big guys guess what every single month they take a part of your monthly statement the money they get from you and they plug it back into left wing causes gun control keeping the borders open Planned Parenthood you name it don't let your money be used against you go with the only conservative cellphone company out there this phone here that's what I.

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