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Yeah. It does look that. They're stacked up over the Pacific show. It's very possible. And the heaviest day they say could be Saturday, which is when the Rams the play a home game and host the Dallas Cowboys. Well, I don't know about that. Break in things on Saturday. You don't what the the lowest like crappy seats for that game are going for five hundred dollars. Wow. It's gonna be a great game. It's going to be a great. I don't know at least at this early stage. I don't think it'll be wet. I mean, I think there will be a gap in things on good on Saturday into early Sunday. And that's again, the timing could shift so this could be wrong. But at least right now, that's the way it looks. But anyway, what are you doing for the ram game? You're gonna watch anywhere. I'm going Las Vegas. Tell my I have an annual trip that I make with a bunch of guys who go for the play offs this this playoff weekend. And so we're going to will all be there. Unfortunately, I've lost so much. I don't have any more money to to wager. So I need to maybe started go fund me or I don't know that if those that's quite let you go on go fund new when you're trying to raise money to gamble. I don't think they do know. Hey, but I I now I got a dilemma here. All right. One of my good friends. Is the president of Fox Sports guiding. What's Eric shanks? Yeah. Right. Sure. He's been on here on the show called in. It's a matter of fact, he was listening to the program one night and he hurt his play. Johnny cash that ragged old flag. And he said I'm going to use that in the Super Bowl, and he designed video because he heard that on this show ran for like three minutes or two and a half minutes during the Super Bowl. Yeah. That's pretty cool. So I had lunch with Eric. And Don Martin and Robin Bertolucci the four of us had lunch a couple of weeks ago. And I said, hey, Bob, I said. He said if you ever wanna come by swing by the FOX studios to watch NFL Sunday or NFL Saturday in this case come on. We got a great room where people can watch and hang out with with the fellas. Shared l like, Terry Bradshaw. Howie long Michael stray ham Jimmy Johnson you'd like to hang out with them. But I am I am I glommed on if I say, hey, can I pop by. No. Of course, not Europe your legitimate star in your own that, right? Absolutely. You should go by there. But but should I go alone? Or should I bring like I'd bring I bring the whole family, and maybe some friends you wanna go. No, that's what I would do. Yeah. How many people can you packing into that RV? I'll bring my ceasing pan. How about me pulling up with the? Yeah. And nineteen guys. Hey, hey. They're going to be hard time about would you get a line here and talk some sense are these people. Or how about we? We all go in the RV and ago guys. I'll be back in about two hours. This part of the trip is not for you, fellas. But I, but I'd love to go over there. But I don't want to feel like I'm like mooching, or or you know, or imposing imposing an asking too much of this guy right now, I'm the same way. That's why I dropped my, you know, my thing as soon as somebody gets to be really famous and rich I drop away from them. I like them when when they're kind of up, and then they you know, instead of going, hey, I've been there since the beginning. I wanna I don't wanna be now just a hanger on. But but I appreciate where you're coming from. But I think it is an offer that was sincere, and I'm here. Love to see you there. The playoffs might be a little harder because things like maybe the demand might be up for a big playoff weekend that maybe or right in LA the big game in LA or it might be easier where there's only one game going on. Because when there's five or six games on FOX. Then those guys, you know, how long and Michael Strahan. They off to watch every game because they got a common comment on the games. Now is only one game you can sorta half acid. You know, look over your Jimmy Johnson shoulder. I've mentioned that if if I go over there, I guess it's much easier weekend for you guys you can kind of half asset. Who's this guy? Junior. That that NFL Sunday show. They do it right over there. Yeah. When when FOX I got the NFL I used to go over there and hang out. It was really cool. Really? Yeah. And they do have a room. That's what he said. Eric. It called the polka room or something like that. I don't think it's that like the avocado rooms. Room. Anyway, it's room with all of these monitors. And it was cool. And you had they were all hanging out there. Terry Bradshaw and James James Brown. Right. And anyway, all the guys were the original the troop. And I think it would be fun. You ought to do it. I mean, you've got to connect. Why not do it? You know, what the NFL does now, which is smart. And I think it helps ratings is that CBS will promote the the following weekends games. But they'll say, oh, you can catch that on NBC or didn't catch it on FOX. They ever used to do that. No, you're right. I think the whole world has evolved. I'm talking with the media world when it comes to sports. Right. So that they're now, you know, now trying to withhold that information the old days they would. And it's I think it's all part of the idea that it's it's all NFL broadcasting the NFL may actually require the networks do that. Because you're right. It's their product. They're trying to get out there. They don't want to hide where they can see it. Yeah. That's a you're right. It might be a new edict, although certainly for many years, they hit it big time. Yeah. You could see it on another network. But there was a there was an article. And the title of the article it appeared on drudge report, I think that's where I probably saw. But is on the drudge report and the title of the article, I can pull it up here. Here. It is. Why isn't the title coming up? Anyway, the title of the article is FOX twenty five seasons. Doing NFL has changed the game and they're crediting. Fox's coverage of the NFL with changing the game. Isn't that? Crazy. Well, I think they were the first to do the line right there. I think they were to do like five or six guys who have all played or coached and sitting around with with with the pre game and Japan. I don't think they were. But live been making it entertaining. It wasn't just Xs and os personality. I'll give a lot of credit, but there's already a lot of personality had Jimmy the Greek on CBS. They had Pete acts down because there are a lot of ways that they were trying to inject a different dynamic in that pre-game show. But I'll tell you what FOX did. I mean, I think you're a disgruntled FOX I love FOX. In fact, I I still always root for FOX. I watched the watch the FOX shows I watch their news. I watch I also bug in the upper you. No sorry. We'll dump the last twenty. They're the first ones. To do the bug. But in the bug that where the score and all the information is is there onscreen all the time box. Brought that to the game. You know, they say they go they say what receiver had how many yards running back yard? So they do that. Because these fantasy sports exactly now, they're all doing it. But but FOX was first of the party with the with the information on the screen like that. And now, you're seeing different ways. In fact, if you look at ESPN they have their own way of keying all that stuff in some of it's on the field from its lower third. So all these different networks are doing it now. But I think FOX's first of that party. And whoever created the camera that is like literally twelve feet over the players zips around is unbelievable. So cool man, they had a I don't know. Whether it was I think it was FOX and NBC over the weekend or CBS where they followed a kickoff return from the bears when the bears needed to they had forty five seconds to go all the way down to kick field. And they're they they returned a kickoff. Like, I don't know forty six yards or forty three yards, and they followed the guy all the way that man. That's a great. Shot. Yeah. Those kickoff returns. That's maybe the best one. Yeah. Yeah. Because if the guy rips it for for anything at all, it's just show dramatic has the football ever hit that camera. I mean like during like a pass or field goal kick or anything not that I know of maybe bender. Not that I know of. All right. I don't know why it took as long as it did. But finally they have cameras in the end zone pylons at the corner of the corners of the end zones. They finally have cameras in those pylons. I like pylon cameras big-time FOX did a lot of stuff with with cameras. They put cameras in second base, for example in baseball. They did a lot with hockey the lipstick camera in front of home plate. Yeah. So I think now, especially as the technology becomes so much more manageable. You can do so many more things because everything's lighter and lower cost. There is a lot more all over the place. But I I feel as though FOX has really broken a lot of molds that way. Here's a quick whip around. How much did the NFL get this season from.

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