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To the essex business roundtable a discussion based program featuring seeds either university faculty and business members from the local community discussing the current state of business its impact on the economy and the future please welcome your host in hand welcome back to the essex you business roundtable my name is in hand and joining me today are taylor togo and jose garcia from the northwest credit union hi guys how you doing raton great thank you god how are you doing great so you guys are working within the earth west credit union cell for anyone out there who is so unfamiliar with a credit union can you guys tell us where credit union does what services you guys provide and so on sure let me start out by saying there's a lot of people don't know what a credit union and a credit union is a nonprofit financial institution we are very similar to a bank there's one big difference a bank is a publicly accessible financial institution anybody can walk into a bank in joint chaso here's etc however in a credit union credit are specific to people that the serb creating and serve communities for example northwest community credit union serves the northwest community of chicago morton grohl niles park rhetoric solder in addition to that we serve various groups sending xavier university for example is unity that we serve it's the students the alumni the faculty to staff and any family member of those segments of those groups we also serve various other groups throughout the state so the difference between a bank credit union is also the structure banks are for profit institutions credit unions however are not for profit banks have.

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