Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammad Bin Soman, Netflix discussed on Press Play with Madeleine Brand


The last time we talked about net flex. We were talking about friends, and they streaming giant airing that old friendly series now net flicks is entangled in something more serious much less friendly Middle East politics at plex has removed an episode of a show critical of the Saudi regime. It was an episode of Patriot Act. That's amazing politics comedy show, starring Hassan, the nausea, Netflix only stopped the episode from airing in Saudi Arabia, Robin Wright is contributing writer for the New Yorker, she read about this magazine. Hi there. Hi. So for those of us who haven't watched the episode yet. Can you describe what the main points? He's making are about Saudi Arabia. Well, the focus of the segment was on crown prince Mohammad bin soman, and he points out that this is a man who would set it in the United States harboured Houston Hollywood in the spring as a reformer that not only forty Arabia needed. But the whole. And he then makes the point his mind that it took the killing all the Washington Post journalist for everyone to say. Oh, I guess he's really not a reformer. Meanwhile, every Muslim person, you know, was like, yeah. No. He's the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. We'll be a good time to reassess our relationship with Saudi Arabia. And I mean that hasn't Muslim Americans. So apparently the Saudis didn't like that. No, they didn't. And Netflix was informed. That.

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