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Weddings and The graduations, and and trying to just bring smiles to people's faces, and I think you know that kind of one of the greatest gift you can give people right now you know especially or the other day actually and wearing my knots and a Lotta people. Most people had their masks on. It's not mandatory here in every store. But one of the things I just walked feeling really sad about was that it was hard to smile at people. Try and my mascot mining, but I I don't know if they can tell him finding that and I really miss. Did back and forth smiles with someone when you're going down and I'll or you see someone you know or just a stranger that glances at you, and you can offer them a smile, and all of a sudden hidden in not one simple gifts that we're able to freely give whenever you wanted to. Kinda taken away from you and that that thing me sad for a minute. You know and I. I hope that we can get back to. You. Know finding one another. But soon as I feel the same way it's like. I still take my dog for walks, and we'll go out and go stores, and we are saying my wife and I were saying the same thing it's like. All you see are the is, and you're like because that person mad at me or is the happy, or are they paying attention or And so interesting to. Be Able to just read is it's kind of weird? Yeah Yeah, So what are the other? I was GONNA say. What are they asking? She started was a podcast which I'm really happy about. L. Thank you. Yeah, this is. For a little while and wants to the beginning of May. It's called Courtney the the cake. because. It's actually not much about take at all. I'm going to keep all the checks. All the recipes on my blog and instagram. But the puck cats, it actually brings my career full circle because I. Started out in broadcast journalism. Love telling stories, and then I went onto media consulting, and I traveled the country for over a decade, moderating focus groups and interviewing people, and even though it wasn't necessarily a one on one interview, or wasn't about their life while we were talking about different television shows that we were testing or talent or themes on us so. I could get a little nuggets of information from these people about their lights and I would sit there and after every. Interview and I'd be on the plane and I'd be thinking about these groups, and all these different strangers that I met all over the country for. Over ten years. Everyone thought a cool story, everyone's got something behind the face that you see every day and the more I got to know people, the more groups I did you realize everyone story matters, and that was just always something that I loved about the job while I was doing that, so. When I got approached me about doing podcast and thought about what would I want to share? We do so much in the kitchen on instagram already and. Takes I thought you know what it's the feeling. That I hope people get when they're in the kitchen and when they're learning from me, we're making cake together. You know the joy, the happiness, the film of pride, but they walk away from those moments of learning and creating feeling really good enough lifted, and that's what I want them to feel contest to and I thought you know what I mean. If their stories, I love storytelling and I really improperly just. People but depending great story to share something that we can learn from I think that we can really relate to as well because you know Alex could be you. It could be me. It could be the neighbor down the street and we're learning from one another anything. That's very relatable. Do Do. You think that the. Do you think the podcast will help you get new listeners that you want to. You know new fans that wouldn't necessarily. Want to though about more cakes, I. Mainly, I would help so. So because you know I do. Have people on instagram follow differed the entertainment of it. Really plan to make anything and they just like to watch, take being decorated, and that's fun. I like three pictures and fun video too but I you know after the first couple does Aired you know, and they're out there now. It's been fun to have some people like those people who don't necessarily date. Right me and say okay, you not. Follow you, but being able to connect with you on this different level about something totally different. And really like next level for me and you know I think that US even more because I open up about. My history and my why you know why I started to make cakes, and there's always something for there's always something more meaningful to the choices that we make in the people that we are, and you know open up and share my story and my first episode, and then in my second and third episode I talked to my mom and dad, and they there might be rows and so Wednesday this week. episode with my mom, she now, but. See had quite a journey to you know, and just this incredible story that made her the woman that she is and I think so many people will relate to her story, and and then my dad's and then I've got some.

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