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Parking there it's still goes down in October you'll be fine it'll be probably a different line up and everything on change I have to imagine that the lineup will change because those artists are not all going to be available on those specifically booked for Coachella yeah what my calendar around and you know so she won't be there he might I would you know Frank ocean front of me Frank ocean don't do a lot of shell so it's like really anticipating because of freckles a man was like a unicorn I'm a low key I'm I'm low key cool with it being cast out my wife started dropping like little hands you know and we just go we should go and I'm like okay for one I don't have to get to go to yeah all right and it doesn't say Big Boy voice present you don't have so I don't have a presentation you don't say I don't have Coachella tickets yeah and I don't have to take is that my wife would think we can get you know no CLI over maybe you know the wristband he's going to have to take a Fran and I'm like what are you talking about do you know what I mean this is the way it happens at the basketball games in the end that my wife is very low key but I know when she turned it up yeah I got to turn it up S. here can you basketball game I know my wife very low okay I gotta turn it up a Disney land bagel is that the right so we decided to other than that nothing Ian Coachella would be the next one is very fast I was that guy let me tell you what I want to do whenever I go to a basketball game when I go to Disneyland.

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