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A message from that and that's like a 90s magazine in which a guy coach phil campbell had seen at a there was a town coteaux campbell on tv the he was watching and then he had decided like gather up all the other people who feel campbell in the united states it was that before social media and got them to go together and meeting map town i feel campbell and they so decided nice time at the end of the his but then we if we found the real cart dave campbell and to see if there's anything going on since then and it turns out that that this whole new crazy story had gone on in which he do social media and found a bunch of more like philly pay campbell's and everyone all over the world a nato organiz like a new uh meet with the new reinforce show campbell's an and just before like that a hurricane destroyed destroyed the town but then they went unlike sticks that will the folk anvils so that was one way yeah and we have these the strange editorial meeting the kind of surreal of sit round whiteboard him like play top trump's with highs near has the most ducks in the world like rubberduck so like someone who's dream is to uh to be like a a dead extra in hollywood movies and then joined like balances out so it's not all just like insane stories it's really a read of concept amazing i think people enjoy his on his own fooled previous issues so don't right sunny than lost one of the citadel yet yet they i mean they will so doubt proves popular it is i think has a definitely happy with the.

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