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That here are the numbers again five one two eight three six zero five ninety or toll free line is eight seven seven five nine hundred fifty five twenty five one two eight three six zero five ninety or eight seven seven five nine hundred fifty five twenty five the other thing. I was just noticing is. I know it's like for me to sit here and say, hey, guess what Paul believes are starting to turn. Like y'all aren't looking at it yourselves every day, but I just can't resist commenting on it. And what's turning and my neighborhood? My big red oak behind my house. That's just was native. When I'm built there. Is starting to turn colors and. Down at the bottom of the streets starting to turn color by white miss flower, which the monarchs love and every every other butterfly loves it too is busting out blooming, and I'm starting to get that delightful delicate fragrance from the whiteness flowers, this wonderful, and that's a native. So, you know, everybody needs to have that it's shade tolerant. It's. Even grow in full sun. So there's a couple of different species that are native to Travis county. But if you go to a local nursery. I mean, there's a plant you probably ever gonna find it at a hardware store, but. If you go to someplace like Johns plays for Barton springs, nursery, or even red barn or places like that are local they're going to have the whiteness flour. And of course, you if you if you got room for Greg snus flower that low growing Bluey perfectly one, oh my gosh. Butterflies go insane for that plant. Every butterfly will be on that plant. No matter what else is blooming. You've got a Greg Smith's flower. They'll be on it. And I've seen a lot of butterflies flitting around lately. So it's really good. The other thing is like evergreen supermac is ballooning. So a lot of the stuff that the butterflies rely on in the fall. Astor's are gorgeous. I've got what else is up there. I don't think that my Goldenrod is blaming it might be I've seen Goldenrod blaming. There's a vacant lot near my office where it's got a lot of native Goldenrod out there. And it's really pretty we got five different species a Goldenrod native to this central Texas area. Some of them are dwarf. There's though cute, and I don't know if anybody's growing them or not, but Goldenrod does not cause allergies as some people used to think it does not have wind-borne pollen. So. I would put and Goldenrod in. If you wanna fall thing. Of course, the the other Salvi is are all blaming. So pretty Neil to. It's just a one of those awesome times of the year for of fall color. You're going to have your Mexican Bush sage? So you can do a beautiful vignette in. I heard somebody talking about John's butterfly garden that is an inspirational garden, I'm telling you right now, I have said this before, but I have had many clients asked me to replicate that garden but in miniature because it's huge. I mean, it's not it's the kind of thing where you have a state big piece property to have one that dig and I've done one that big based on his peration, but most of them are kind of like a miniature version of John's butterfly garden. But if you haven't been out there and seeing that oh my gosh. She got to go do that. And of course, you can also go to the lady bird Johnson Wildflower research center, they'll have all these plants planet as well. And you can figure out what you want to put in your own yard because it's very rewarding to put this stuff in and immediately have visitations all over the yard from the. The pretty little butterflies so five one two eight three six zero five ninety. I think we need to get our first break out of the way. And if y'all want to get in line, you'll be first on the Austin Gardner, right? After this. Did you hear the news metro PCS is now metro by t mobile? Now,.

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