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Problems. But like you you you've taken one less thing like we would have loved to gone. See my wife's family Different products but we couldn't because bores closed Prince Edward Island so again there wasn't a ton of stuff in regards to pe I I guess they're legislature is planning on resuming in person sitting as of May twenty sixth And it will be the entire legislature. Although it's I guess a little bit easier for them because there are only twenty seven a. m. La's so it's not a large number of people. And they have. They've they've rearranged the space within the building to allow twenty seven people to be in the the Legislature Chamber And be physically distanced microphones and go to a field. Or you know I mean again with twenty twenty seven people as zoom meeting is even more possible yes but zoom is not secure in not trusted for life meet so I agree. We use zoom. I would use something else but yes zoom like. Yeah that's right. You could use something like that. Yeah I I agree. I mean I heard the stories of You know people like Crashing zoom meetings and stuff like that. Yes it's it's not It's not of the places that you won't have the most professionalism. A provincial legislator sit in is one of the ones where you don't want to have some random person coming in. I still say they can go to field on megaphones be fine. Yes exactly there. There are places like that N. P. I p. is very lovely but you can walk on the sand that makes squeaking is. That's right that's right. We took we took a little bit of and even though there are signs telling you that you're not supposed to so don't tell anybody it'll be our secret rate. Hey if I cut it from the episode. It'll be our secret right unless you're truck patriot. God as a shameless plug for. Okay Newfoundland and Labrador Finland. A door here the band Newfoundland. So what we have here so again I guess. In their case for covert nineteen as of the sixteenth of. May they have gone nine straight days with no new cases as well so Yay for Newfoundland? It kind of like Pe. I it probably helps that you know a good junkier province and a good chunk. Your population is on an island very much. So so labradors basically its own island to. Yes yeah exactly. There is road access. But it's like one road. Yeah so the other thing apparently was There's a dam is a hydroelectric dam. That's being being getting built at Muskrat falls You've heard about this yet. It's on my list okay. So anyway so anyways the there was a there so there was an inquiry into this thing that started in two thousand seventeen and the report was released back in March so this. This project had been approved by the government in two thousand twelve With an initial with an initial budget of seven point. Four billion dollars so at this at this time since with since the report was released the budget has has increased to twelve point. Seven billion dollars. the dam is still not done. The I guess the executives involved in the project had concealed information that would undermine the business case of this dam and this information was not reported to the public and now as a result the inquiry report has been handed over to the police and the Justice Department for possible criminal and civil cases. It wouldn't be Land if it was and it wasn't are the way. Yeah there's a lot in there. There's a lot more than you just dug up. Oh Yeah I imagine there is I imagine. And that's why that's why I was like when I when I started looking at it and I look at it for like five minutes. I'm like this could be a topic on. Its own guarantees. Guaranteed Mike Topic of this exactly so anyway so that now that happened back in March. That's to the. I guess the report happened back in March so it was two two months ago. Which sounds like old news at this point but I- considering that the circumstances obviously are still going on there and The people of the province of probably spent a lot of taxpayer money in order to get this thing built. It's probably not gonNA end up well like a lot of things like a lot of things. Her to flint is usually doesn't along with our products. No we're getting closer. We're getting closer so to the territory's none of this was kind of interesting so The government of none of it apparently spent about four million dollars to set up isolation hub in other areas of the country so that citizens of none of it would be able to isolate without having to come home. I so I guess I guess. Apparently it was things like getting you know renting hotel rooms and and things like that but basically setting or spending money to set up places. Now in particular the article that I read mentioned in Ottawa Winnipeg Edmonton and yellowknife. But it was making sure that there were places that were paid for by the government of Nova set aside so that It was something like just over a thousand people of of none of that. Were not living there right now but it would give them an option to be able to self isolate That's I may said they were that proactive in an had the ability to do that like at. I mean the logistic wherewithal to do that. There now. None of it is the only territory The only province and territory that has had no cases because they're also there's no land access slow right exactly so it's extremely remote a lot. A lot of it is extremely remote. Obviously you can get flights to a call it but it is extremely remote. So that yeah. It's not a surprise that there are no cases but you know the fact that they like you said there was there was there was some proactiveness there in realizing that they had citizens that were living in other areas of the country and they needed to do something to make sure that those people were protected as well trying to jump all doesn't like considering to a recognize it be implemented in C bullet logistic know how to do like. That's a lot in a short timeframe. Get like either they've predominant like they already had a plan in place again bravo or they did it quickly again. Bravo either a a OR B. I'll take is amazing Java. I'm going to go to the Yukon first before I go to the Northwest Territories because you these two are more. They're not exactly the same but they're closely tied to each other so in the Yukon The government has introduced a new program to help out renters and landlords What will happen is is that the government will pay a rent on the tenants behalf directly to the landlord if the tenant has lost thirty percent or more of their income our okay now. It has to be non subsidized housing. So they're they're their aim is to cover at least fifty percent of whatever. The median market rent is for April to June Which the numbers come out to For four hundred and fifteen dollars for a bachelor I guess is up to four hundred and fifteen dollars for a bachelor five hundred for one bedroom six hundred for a two bedroom in eight hundred for three plus bedroom and so the way this will work is that like I said the landlord will be paid it directly so the money won't go to the ten to pay the rent. The money will go to the landlord without touching attendant's hands but I guess the tenant the tenant applies for it. It's best that it goes at route. So that way The landlord gets the money right. Centrally Kudos to the Yukon meanwhile in the Northwest Territories The premier of the Northwest Territories has rejected an appeal by the Chamber of Commerce for a for a temporary block on commercial evictions. So he said no yes So apparently the so commercial landlords will be allowed to evect will be allowed to evict commercial tenants if they are not paying their rent. Now the interesting part to this In re in reading this article is that apparently the majority of landlords in the Northwest Territories Now I don't think it specified whether this was majority of commercial or residential or just majority of all landlords in the Northwest Territories are actually International Real Estate Investment trusts and that they're quote unquote anchor. Tenants are predominantly government offices. That's just bizarre. But so so the government. The government's not going to have problems paying their rent. The government will pay their rent. And these and these these These reits these landlords are probably by the sounds of it. are going to make their money are going to make a profit regardless because it sounds like there's quite a number of A vacant commercial property's anyways But they're gonNA make their money because they're collecting so much rent from the government but the government is perfectly okay to say. Yeah whatever if if small businesses can't pay their rent than they can be a victim whatever minded towards This tire should be. Where do you pay your taxes wherever you pay your taxes? If it's in Canada you get all the benefits in the world. If not in Canada and I get Norman Yeah that should be very simple so if a landlord in Merthyr territories is paying taxes in Canada. And they want to evict because they're losing money right. They should be allowed to if they're overseas one now too bad. Sorry about your luck The realities of you're not paying your evicted like a yeah I could see be- meth normally never Like I'd be fine. You convict just go somewhere else now. The Sun xactly that easy. It's not like a job. Noth surgeries that. All the premiums would do that very odd. They're not as political as you would get for the south of two which is even more bizarre. You don't have a decent Kenny in the Northwest Territories. Right Ontario. All right. I'm going to start with the funny ones I now. Maybe maybe they're not. We'll see so you know how everybody was outraged about Justin Trudeau going to Harrington Lake back on Easter weekend and so on and so forth so then it turns out. We found out over the last couple of weeks. Doug Ford also visited his cottage on Easter weekend but apparently it was just to check the plumbing way. Worse way worse. Here's the difference. Okay you can make the argument that Justin Trudeau went from his place of work where he always like. He's at twenty four Sussex and that's basically where he works all the time that's where he's doing everything and he went to see his family at their secondary location You could make that argument now. Some people said no he went to college overtop or over the bar fun. But there's a little bit of greater. There's no gary with.

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