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You see the difference. So that's the thing we're deepfakes all this guy i've you using that. As your mayfield deny your client. Your guy was see and decided compl- onto money laundering and terrorism funding and overhead. Already beyond because the criminal syndicates has already started to use this system to get into your database defraud yet. I just wanna say something. You're going on eighteen management and all that identity failed. The people think That the trump sneakers off to you to steal your identity fraud. I did it. But they've could special mock special people that they will defraud. People is good bank. Gun team credited ray street all that they will use that mock that individual to steal the identity antic create. Obviously they oppose that. The money doesn't blog with individual at lots of institutions right. Thanks the insurance companies. The big money lost drool a steel that money because it's much easier synthetic identities gigi. Thought even find this and that no evidence unless you're captured forensic evidence but these you see in bed so what you say with. The fringe gave it ends when you've captured individual correctly referenced. Article implies and sharing from the moment that that this is captured onto the system the way we need to find quarter of law that is edged the system that's true identity management ten if it looked back at the current scenario in the market most banks most industries. Most chevron's foams they they ask you all the data but very few of them are actually capturing for evidence so essentially the creation of these Fake identities synthetic identities is much much easier for criminals. It is it is is and because of the digital age we've coming to the digital age at the very weakened false by especially if the guy that thing it's pushed into this You can't touch anything and all that them sunny people are moving away from. This is exactly what to graham. Sneakers want they want you to unregister. Business thanking facial image. Or something like that because it's easy for lengthy infiltrating.

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