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Sporting events and store as kids and get boys, we, they're spoiled the heck out of us and me and my brothers. My two brothers were there. are only three grandchildren that they had. So they have one child, my dad, and so those three grand for them like their third, second, third and fourth. and. We didn't appreciate that when we were little because we were just happy to. Somebody wanted to buy stuff in tickets to go food. and. but as we got older, certainly, we you all. In their later years to take care of us to get US whatever we wanted new when I went to college, my grandmother. Grandfather paid basically for my first semester edge first year college, so they they were more generous than any two people I've ever known and not just generous with purchasing him buying, but with their time. I think they saw their son my dad. Betty got a really bad path, and so they sponsor that my dad wasn't there for us. They felt responsible to pick up slack and they picked up the slack quite a bit. I'm grateful for them. There might know there are two of my favorite people ever my grandfather. It's my heat, wrote the greatest man I've ever known, and we miss them, but we I remember. Clearly office time that they took care of us and You Know I. Don't think we would be here and be the people. we're talking with Jason Romano The book is called lifted. Forgive moving forward when those who love. Those we love hurt us and. The book is an upstanding read. You need to pick it up. It's I'm just telling you. It's if not for yourself. Do it for a friend so that you can learn more about. Really, the struggles that so many people through so many of us go through when we're dealing with people, you know abusive situations. It's going to really give you a lot of insight. I promise you. One, of the things that you said is dad's alcoholism pulled me deeper into two realities, you said an external reality, the unresolved issues in my dad's life and the problems they caused for those he loved which I couldn't control and then an internal reality, the unresolved issues in my own life and the problems they were causing for me which I could begin to knowledge and work through talk talk about those two realities. I. I would even add a third reality which wasn't in the book, but the reality of. My mom and my my grandparents, but my mom, allowing us to have a normal childhood, inexperienced things right and my grandmother to grab just taking us to the movies taking us to the toy store taking us to dinner like just normal things that could get kids get to do going out and playing with your friends going in the backyard of my grandparents house and having epic basketball battles with my brothers. You know that was sort of regular reality that I remember as of the good side of growing up as a kid. And then there was the dad reality towards the bad side of the sort of life that we were living, but the internal reality. What didn't really take shape until I recognized fourteen, fifteen sixteen, and we can all go back to those years and as we're starting to mature and get a little older and start to understand things differently than when we were little kids. When I really I tell people all the time, my relationship with my dad. But during those years was very confusing. And I, it's the first time I tell the story in the book of getting. Ready to go to a mets game with him on the mets fan, cardinals fan, take a bus trip down. This is probably when I was fourteen fifteen. We were getting ready to go and he shows up drunk and. Four, so it wasn't even the morning of and I had such anger towards him. I I really lashed out at him. and. For Myself, play the victim and to help. ME. How could you let me down? We have a game to go to hear. This was supposed to be our moment our time together. Just you and me. And in you, come home drunk and I remember hiding myself in going into the bathroom, locking the door. And just kind of creating this barrier. that was.

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