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So dan from a from a legalistic point of view what kind of case does she have what are the charges against the cops all right so i've looked at this very carefully michael and i've looked at both sides i talked to this guy john zarrella who's a an attorney down by the beach community and he gave me the in his defense attorney but he said look the cops had a right to stop her for alcohol they had a right to cite her give her a summons because she was underage and she had to give her name so they had a right to do what they did then on the other side they talked to tom ken sock this is a guy who was a da for thirty years and he had a quote he wanted me to quote him we pay the cops to keep the peace these cops escalated the situation it doesn't matter if they're technically right or wrong they're wrong but i'm going to tell you something i caught the cop lying on the video that you've told us all to watch and that's at seven nineteen everybody should watch it seven nineteen a supervisor comes by and this fully cop says to supervisor quote i go to stop her for underage drinking well he didn't stop her for underage drinking she was cleared of that he went to stop him because she walked away she was in his face and she was resisting him with an intellect that he didn't have that's my position now i could see why you are are a great defense attorney but dan aside from that if you were defending this young lady what about the psychological damage to her so you actually go to you for child questions everybody has know that but i called you for advice on kids will eighteen month old child feel the tension and the stress of this and carry it around on some level the rest the rest of her life children remember everything infants remember everything absolutely one hundred percent right there you go then the kids should sue and the mother should sue and and this cop should be arrested for salt because he didn't have to assault i have cops in my town of lafayette who have been faced with a person with a weapon.

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