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Game against Iowa State. He's going to need to. Number eighteen Mississippi State at Kansas state. I love this one from a name recognition stamp. The SEC in the big twelve of kind of been coming together playing these types of football games. Mississippi State hasn't won a power five A T a game against a power five team out of conference on the road since nineteen nine hundred ninety five I was in starkville on Thursday night spoke to the quarterback club. They're great group of guys. Right. Great group guys. And also there was Mississippi state's quarterback coach Andrew Bryner dudes thirty four he looks like he's twenty four. He was the head coach at Fordham the last two years after Joe Moorhead went to Penn State Moorhead goes to Mississippi State calls Andrew as Andrew tells the story doesn't ask him if he wants to join us staff tells him he's got to join us staff. Good quarterback coach you like, Nick FitzGerald. This'll be his first game after the suspension last week key, Tom Thompson was pretty good at least running with the football last week for Mississippi State in place of FitzGerald, they go to K state to Kansas state Mel needed a miracle to come from behind to beat south. Dakota at home last week. You've got to think Bill Snyder's team's going to be better than that today. But I think there is a decided talent advantage that favors Mississippi State at K state. I'm the atmosphere will be good wildcat fans will be ready. I just don't think they're on the right now in terms of talent that they're on the same field of play as Mississippi State struggle against Kansas state did against a one AA opponent last week. And I think you look at Kansas state the passing game or lack of Alex Delton Schuyler Thompson two quarterbacks for Kansas state last week against a one AA opposition that they struggled to beat combined thirteen for twenty eight hundred fifty two yards one touchdown to picks a repeat performance that's not going to get it done. And I think when you look at this Mississippi State team blocking how is Kansas state gonna block Dalton risoners a heck of an offensive tackle. But how are they going to block Montas wet coming from the outside and Jeffrey Simmons the inside sweat last week. Couple sacks Simmons three and a half tackles loss against one AA opponent as well. But those two defensive linemen.

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