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Out. The riled is a diminishing return. He knows that he's thought look the guy that he replaced DeMarco Murray. That's what he did heal eh if made him out Pittsburgh tried to do the same thing to levy on bill now going to pick up that option franchise you. He's a number. I'm good get nothing out of Medicare. <hes> Jerry was not close to DeMarco Murray. Jerry loves like a son we've seen this before but when he does love you as he loved Dez like a son He will go to the ends of the Earth to try to make it work out but what will he do that for the running back position position. You've got to look at the picture Todd Gurley just got paid and now people are asking a question. How many rep should he get the season so we can keep him healthy because he has wear and tear? That franchise tide's pretty good. No no no no no. I don't know brands after one year not in these long term. How did he do years as you need him to be holding out because it's your only hope that you hold out that this team will be no good well? Good is the security system if it only works when you were home security when I'm away skill. I need it thirty five right. Now I show or I gotta go to Mexico. How many cases of diet do would you like to bet me right here? Right now. Zeke is is in uniform on September. The eight that four twenty five eastern mega sweat a little bit okay it makes wet. They might shoot him a couple of couple of meal on the table. Okay take that that against the rule now all of a sudden play my room and do it educate now. Okay okay. We got this Geria- some issues when he's trying to put a football team together but when it comes to figure out how to pay people he pays people use it to to a fault you think because Jason Garrett had a meeting and Nantucket we coach belching. You guys got this. It's an omen it's an omen. It's a super bowl breathing. Oh you remember that movie. <hes> okay so you know awesome. Thank you for joining us. Not only did the Boston Celtics win the N._B._A...

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