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It's just that simple. Four, but black in the Rockies. Rommel Toppy elites it off in left field. Jonathan Daza in center field. Ryan McMann, It's second base hitting cleanup right fielder Charlie Blackmon. Then it's third basement. Joshua Flint is Matt Adams will get the start at first base. Brendan Rodgers again at shortstop. Dumb Nunez will do the catching. On the mound, batting ninth left hander Kyle Friedland for Derek Shelton's Pirates. Adam Frazier, the second basement leads it off then Kevin Newman at short. Ryan Reynolds in center field. Jacob Stallings, the catcher hits cleanup. Gregory Polanco is in right field Will Craig at first base. Eric Gonzalez, a third guy Tom in left field on the mound, making his debut with the Pirates right hander Chase the young Let's look at the pitching matchup Kyle Free Land for the Rockies, making his second start of the year, second on the road trip that after coming off the Isle, of course, hurt in spring training with the shoulder injury. Rehab did all through the spring months and now here at the end of May, getting onto the big league mound when four innings Monday night, gave up a run on four hits with three walks and five strikeouts. In his season debut. He's had some success against the Pirates to into lifetime. 4.3 70 are a butt pirates have gotten to him at PNC Park..

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