Miguel Diaz, Austin Nolan, Paul Goldschmidt discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP Show


Listening to Major League Baseball on ESPN Radio and the ESPN at top of the sixth inning did showing Chris single to the Padres lead the Cardinals six toe one home runs tonight. Tommy Pham Hassan Camp. And Austin Nolan offsetting a solo home run for you out of your Molina, which is accounted for the only Cardinals run of the night. Miguel Diaz is back out for his second inning of work out of the Padre bullpen. And he will face Paul Goldschmidt Nolan are Renato and the aforementioned Yadier Molina. Goldschmidt is one for two had a base hit his first time up. Run on Just three hits tonight. For the Cardinals. Remember the Padres beautiful last night as well? Be five before the wrap up the series with.

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